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Friday, April 29, 2016

Buddies and Olympians!

This time of year is always packed with activity.  With school winding down and spring activities coming to a close before the end of the school year  (which is June 3rd for us - and can I get an "AMEN"?) and all the things that come along with that there's no other word to describe it but busy.

And yesterday was no exception.  Peter's 7th grade class took a field trip to Tanglewood Park with their Pre-K buddies.  I absolutely love the Buddy Program at our school.  The 6th graders are paired up with a 1st grader to get practice being a buddy.  The 7th graders are paired up with Pre-kers and the 8th graders are paired up with Kindergartneres.

The buddies sit together during Mass each week and they do special activities together through out the year.  The little kids really look up to the big kids and the big kids enjoy helping the littles.

And y'all, it just melts my heart every time I see the big kids with the little kids - especially the boys.  To see a big tall boy holding hands with a tiny one (and without embarrasement!) brings a tear to my eye.

The big kids led their buddies through the trails and had a scavenger hunt.  At the end of the scavenger hunt they made their way to the playground and spent lots of time pushing their little buddies on the swings, chasing after them on the slide and just running around and having fun.

Afterwards we headed for ice cream at a local restaurant.  It was a fun time and one that Peter had been looking forward to for a while.

Last night Sarah's seasonal swim program ended.  This program works on improving your strokes, building up endurance, and improving your speed  so that you are ready for summer league.  She did it in the fall and again spring and she's already looking forward to doing it again in the fall.

Last night, Charlie Houchin, who is an Olympic gold medalist came to meet the kids and talk to them about his experience in Olympics.  He has retired from swimming and has created some really cool technology to run swim meets from an app on your phone.

Here's Sarah with Charlie.  She's wearing his gold medal and holding a swim cap that he autographed for her. Her swim cap is blocking part of the medal unfortunately.  She said it was very heavy.

And tonight is our conference championship meet for the track team.  And since tonight is our last track meet of the season and since Sarah is finished with swimming until the end of May, next week is looking wide open.  I think we are all looking forward to a calm week with no after school activities!!! 


Madeline said...

A whole week with no activities? Bliss. I love the buddies! Do they keep the same buddy then from 7th to 8th grade? How cool Sarah got to wear a gold medal!

Billie Jo said...

You all do the most amazing things!!!!
How fun and exciting for both your kiddos.
Enjoy your slower week ahead!!!!

Mari said...

I can't tell you how I loved this post! The pictures of the older boys holding the little boys hands are just heart warming. And what a cool opportunity for Sarah!