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Friday, May 29, 2015

Well, it just all seems so awkward!

I had "The Talk" with Sarah when Peter was on his field trip a couple of weeks ago. 

With Peter, we had to have "The Talk" in Fourth Grade right before  he turned 10.  And I only did it then because he was asking me lots of questions and it was apparent that he had some friends from school were most likely having some in depth playground discussions.  You can read all about it in two parts, here, here, and  here.

Sarah will be eleven next week and she has yet to ask any questions so I never really felt like it was time.  However, in the 5th grade, at the end of the year, they do a Family Life section that discusses the sanctity of marriage.  It doesn't go into actual mechanics but in order for the study to be valuable, she needed to know all the details.  Plus, part of the homework are a bunch of discussion questions that the kids have to go over with their parents and it makes for a great jumping off point to go a little deeper into what we as Catholics believe in regards to sex, love, and marriage.

Since Peter was going to be away for a few days, I figured it was the perfect opportunity.  We came home after school and I gave her the same book I gave Peter and told her to read it and then we would talk.

She read it and then she asked questions.  A lot of questions.  I don't even really remember the specific questions.  It almost seemed like the whole topic made her nervous and that she would be okay if she could just keep talking.  So she asked, I answered, and then finally she said, "Well, it just all seems so awkward!"

And that made me laugh out loud.  I assured her that if you loved your husband (stress husband here!) it would not be at all awkward and that's why we wait (stress wait!) until we are married, otherwise it would be awkward.

I stressed that if she ever had any questions she should talk to me and not her friends and that she should let her friend's parents talk to them about this (although, I honestly believe Sarah is probably one of the last ones in her class to learn about this.)  She assured me that there was no way that she would be talking to her friends about this and that was the end of that.

Whew!  I did it!  Two "talks" and I'm still alive to tell the tale.  Although, now that that Peter is a little older, I think Dan needs to talk to him about some other, um, things.  And since I don't have that particular body part, it's his turn to get in on all of this parenting fun! 


Amelia Bentrup said...

I remember when my mom first had "The Talk" with me, I thought it all sounded so awkard as well. Like "why in the world would anyone want to THAT??" LOL

Mari said...

It's not an easy talk, on either side! I love her comment!

Madeline said...

Oh man the things to look forward to. It kind of is an awkward concept for young people. Sounds like you handled it perfectly.

Pam said...

Good for you, having 'the talk'! I learned about periods in the fifth grade when all the girls listened to talk given by the (older..and also a member of my church!) school nurse. I. Had. No. Clue. and came home all excited to tell my mom what I learned at school. LOL And then when I was getting married, she told where to find 'a book' hidden in a paper sack in my parents bedroom. So much for 'the talk'. I'm glad I've been able to inform mine better and have lines of communication that are MUCH more open. But yes, it all seems so awkward. For me and to her. : )

Michelle said...

This growing up stuff is tough!

Laura said...

Hi! I found your log through a comment you made on another blog. My daughter just turned 10. I would like to know what book you had her read? Thanks. - Laura