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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Science Expo!

Last night, Our Lady of Mercy hosted it's 3rd Annual Science Expo.

The middle school kids have been hard at work on their projects since October.  They formed groups, chose a research project, formed a hypothesis, researched their topics, wrote a project report, created a project board, came up with a game relating to their project, showed their results to all the elementary grades (and played the game with them), and were interviewed by the judges.  And they all showed off their work to all their parents last night to finish out the Expo.


And after all of that, Peter's group won 1st Place in the 6th grade!  I'm so excited for this group of boys.  They really took the project and ran with it. All the moms did were buy the supplies and frantically text when the boys were available to meet and work on the project (which is no small feat with 4 very active boys!).  We had to get creative and meet after school, after basketball games, over Spring Break, etc.

The boy's goal all along has been to win 1st place in their grade.  I didn't think it was possible because we did not help them at all.  They did the entire thing: the report, the project board, the reaseach, develop the game, etc.  And it all appeared as if it was completed by a band of rogue 6th grade boys.  In other words, some of the other project boards looked pretty slick and while theirs looked good, it looked like they did it with no parental help.  So, I was a little worried for them...

BUT!!!!!  And here's the kicker...a very large portion of the judge's criteria was the interview.  And from what I heard from the judges after the fact, these boys rocked it out.  I was told that they all knew their research and their statistics and that they all equally participated in the interview. And best of all, they did not sound rehearsed, did not stutter, were excited about their project, and were happy to tell anyone who asked them all about it.

I'm so very happy for these boys!

And on that note, I should add that all of the projects were really, really good!  You can tell each group put a lot of time and effort into their projects.  Now to start scheduling for next year when I'll have to coordinate  two middle schooler's schedules!  That should be interesting...

At school preparing to show their project to all the elementary kids!

At the Expo last night showing their project to all the parents!
On the stage with their 1st place trophies!

Their project board, research paper, and game!

And just in case you were wondering who has the dirtiest mouth out of human, cat, dog, and guinea pig...The clear winner of dirtiest mouth goes to HUMAN! 


Madeline said...

Good for them! I love that their hard work paid off. Who knew the whole "Dog's mouths are cleaner than humans" thing was true?

Mari said...

Hooray for them for first place1 Very interesting subject too.

Pam said...

Good for them! I lived through all the projects my kid had to do thru school and lemme tell's an exercise in how creative the MOM can be sometimes. Which I have always found to be quite silly. So! I am super thankful your guy and his buddies WON! I think it should look like kids did it since it's their project. And I think their project looks perfectly perfect, IMO.

Amelia Bentrup said...

Congratulations Peter! So what was their project about?

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Very interesting topic.. I saw something about beards the other day, being dirtier than a toilet bowl.. Maybe doggie kisses are better.. hmmm

Dreamy Panda said...

Congrats! They look excited to be holding their first place trophies!

Courtney said...

Ew. That's so gross!