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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ahhhhh....that's the sound of me breathing a little sigh of relief.

Thursday night was the last General PTO meeing of the year and marks the end of my "presidency".  I always joked with the other board members that instead of President, my title should be "Reluctant President". I was only president because the real President  moved away in November.  Being president of anything is not something I desire.  I'm more of a worker bee than a leader so the fact that my term is over is a huge relief to me.

Overall, I would say it was a good year but for me the absolute worst part was having to run the meetings.  It involved way to much public speaking for my taste and I am thankful that it is over!  I slept better on Thursday night after that meeting that I have in months.

Moving on to less presidential things....Sarah was looking at some old pictures on Dan's cell phone and came to one of me and exclaimed, "Mom!  You are so skinny in this picture!"

It was a picture of me right before I got pregnant with Rebecca and I was looking and feeling pretty thin.  Sarah then proceeded to inform me that if I wanted to get that thin again, ,"All you have to do is eat a healthy diet and exercise more."

insert eye-rolling emoji right about here

And moving on to less diety/annoying things...We had Jennifer and her family over for a cookout on Saturday.  I made all of these things plus my mom's recipe for baked beans which includes a pound of ground beef.

After the cookout, Dan told me that everything was good except there were no beans in the baked beans.  I had not had any beans so I just dismissed him and told him perhaps I got the wrong size cans of beans  so it seemed like there weren't as many in there as normal.  He kept insisting there were no beans in the beans and I kept ignoring him.

Until yesterday when I opened up the pantry and there were the three cans of beans sitting there patiently waiting to be used!  HA! So basically I served sloppy joe meat and called it baked beans.

We went with Jennifer's family to the pool's Memorial Day party yesterday and all had a good laugh about the beanless beans!

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk through Old Salem and these are actually the only pictures I took of the entire weekend.  Sometimes, I'm just too busy enjoying the moment to worry about taking pictures of it.  So no pictures of the pool party or the cookout but here are a couple from our family walk....

I hope you all have a great week.  And good news - it's already Tuesday!!!!!!  

1 comment:

deborah said...

Definitely relate to the busy enjoying the moment and not always taking pictures, even if I'd like to!

Love your beanless beans story. So something that I would do!

And so glad to know all it takes is diet and exercise!😊😃