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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

And now she has extra holes in her head!

Sarah has been begging me since was 8 to get her ears pierced. I told her that 8 was too young but she could get them done when she turned 10. And true to my word, last June I reminded her that she could get her ears pierced for her birthday.  But she had changed her mind and her ears have remained hole free until this past weekend.

Earlier in the week she told me that she had decided that wanted her ears pierced now and reminded me that I had said she could get them done when she was 10.  I told her that she should wait a few weeks until her birthday and that could be one of her presents.  But she was adamant that she get it done as soon as possible and she didn't mind paying for it herself.

So, on Saturday, we hoped in the car, picked up her best friend, Cheyanne, for moral support and headed to the mall.

She spent last week vacillating between excitement and fear.  She asked me at least 100 times if it hurt.  She watched numerous You Tube videos of people getting their ears pierced to gauge their pain levels.  And then she asked me a few 100 more times if it hurt.

It was raining on Saturday and the mall was packed.  And Claire's was like an ear piercing factory.  She had to wait behind two other people and then there were two other people behind Sarah.

I filled out the forms, Sarah picked out the earrings she wanted and she climbed into the chair.

She chose to have both ears done at the same time, which was probably a wise choice.  And here's a few pictures I snapped of the process:

A little nervous.

 A lot nervous.

Wait! Is that it? 

Checking herself out in the mirror.

That wasn't so bad!  (Although I think her ears were stinging just a bit here.  That smile looks pretty forced!)

Gratuitous photo of me and my girl!


Madeline said...

I love her braid! She got good at that fast! I like that she did the pierced ears thing in her own time, I think that means she'll treat them well and enjoy it.

Pam said...

Such a walk down memory lane. I remember getting mine done with my mom at JC Penneys back in ye olden times. And I remember taking my girl to get hers done too. All the girls at school were getting it done and she finally decided she would like to do it too. Only minus the you tube videos. lol She was brave and got one done at a time. It does hurt. But then it's done and you could almost hear the theme to Rocky in the background because she conquered her fear. :) Love your pics...what a memory for her!

Kelli said...

Yay! Love the pictures...they capture each step of the process.

Mari said...

Good for you for capturing it on camera! Now that the ears are pierced, you can get her some earrings for her birthday.

Unknown said...

So much fun. I remember getting mine done and how I tried to be brave, but one large tear escaped down my cheek! My daughter has been begging to get her's pierced, but we are making her wait a few years as well.