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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Now thats my kind of crafting!

Yesterday, Cheyanne and Sarah were playing when they declared they wanted to do a craft.  Knowing that I would not want to be involved in any way, the girls Googled "thanksgiving craft", found something they wanted to make, gathered all the supplies, went outside and picked up pine cones, and made the entire craft by themselves.

And.  AND! (This is the best part of all!) They cleaned up the mess when they were finished and put all the supplies back into the closet.

Ten is a good age.  A really, really good age.

However, these days, ten also insists that you take pictures of them and post them to Instagram, so I obliged. 

Here are Sarah and Cheyanne mid craft:

And here they are with their finished craft:

I think they turned out great!

These little beauties would make great place card holders for your Thanksgiving Day table but Sarah wants to just place them around my mom's house (where we are having lunch).  Where ever she puts them, they will be adorable.

And way cuter than the potato turkeys Jennifer (Chey's mom) and I made with Peter and Colton's kindergarten class.  Check out that odd looking craft!


jennwa said...

They are beautiful !!! All those preschool crafts have really paid off. Clean up too, Love it !!!

Elise said...

How cute! Love their DIY spirit! :)

Mari said...

Someone trained both girls well! And the craft turned out so cute!

Suburban Correspondent said...

That is so cute!

Michelle said...

Super cute!