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Monday, November 3, 2014


I just had to share some pictures from Halloween!

Look at my little darlings....errrr...creatures?

We did a pretty good job with Sarah's make-up, don't you think?

And Peter always chooses his costume based on teh mask that come with it and every year, ends up ditching the mask because he can't see out of it or breath out of it and it's too hot.  So, next year, I'm going to convince him that we need to do make up instead of wasting money on a mask that he ultimately will not wear even though he promises he will wear it.

After he took his mask off, he laughed at himself in the mirror and said, "It's pretty freaky without the mask!"  Freaky, silly.  Whatever.  As long as he's happy.

After the pictures, we headed out to meet our friends to get down to business.  And here's our annual group shot.

And do you see the cool costume in the back?  It's a jellyfish and they made it off Pinterest.  And I would say they nailed it! (And I hope you can see the cool glow from the LED lights!)

And our last stop of the night is at my parent's house.  My mom always makes the best treat bags for our group (and smaller treat bags for others who happen to stop by).


jennwa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, mine did not turn out that great. As always fun night.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It looks like your kiddos had a great night; so nice Grandma gives out special treats!
LOVE the jellyfish!

Michelle said...

Looks like it was a fun night! That jellyfish costume was cool!:)

Mari said...

Those are some freaky kids! :)
Love that jellyfish!

Billie Jo said...

So much fun!