Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIWS: The I had to dig deep for this one....

So I'm digging deep into the old closet to come up with something new and different to wear on Sundays.

I find it easier in the winter to come up with new outfits because you can do lots of layering.

It's in the 90's here and the humidity is high.  Ain't no layering happening on this body until the end of September.  At the earliest.

I found this black skirt in the back of my closet and paired it with this tee shirt.  I dug this old necklace out of the back of my closet as well.  As I was digging I was thinking how I could really benefit from some new necklaces.

But I'd be a fool if I drug the kids to Target and Kohl's to shop for accessories.  Ain't no accessory shopping happening until August 21st.  At the earliest.

Anyone have any idea what August 21st is? ;)

So without further whining and complaining, here is my dug-from-the-depths-of-my-closet outfit.


Tee-Shirt: Target
Skirt: - Target (years ago)
Wedges: Kohl's
Necklace: Either Kohl's or Target (years ago)

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Tiffany said...

Okay, give me a clue... what is August 21st?!? I've spent a bit too much money this summer already and I'm trying to keep my wallet closed until I get my first paycheck in September after school starts back up!

I love this pretty yellow on you!

Nichole @ Yackity Shmackity said...

I really like that combo! Love that color yellow.
I finally got my husband to agree to putting some money aside for a few new wardrobe essentials for me. It'll probably happen in August, which I guess is fine since I'll buy for the fall (which will work into the winter here in central CA).

deborah said...

Love the poses!