Friday, July 12, 2013

Still handsome.

Remember how in this post I waxed poetic about all the lasts your kids will go through and how we aren't on the lookout for those like we are for all their firsts?

One of the lasts I mentioned was the cute way Peter twirled his hair.  Well apparently this isn't going to be one of those cute little habits he grows out of when he's older because at 10 and a half, he still twirls his hair between his fingers when he is concentrating on something.  He does it when he's thinking, when he's reading a book, when he's watching something on YouTube. 

And while it was cute when he was two, it's a little worrisome now. 

We've always kept Peter's hair pretty short but whenever it starts to grow (usually right before haircut time) if there's any hair length at all, he will twirl it.

At the end of the school year, we decided we would let his hair grow out over the summer to see how he liked it.

And it's been growing and we've just been getting it trimmed around the edges.  I just wanted some hair that he could comb into a style - not a Justin Beiber or anything like that, just some actual hair.

Well over the last month, I've been noticing twirling and twisting and more twirling and more twisting.  He was actually twirling it so much that it was starting to get shorter where he was doing all the twirling...he was wearing his hair away!

But then, I looked closer.  As in, I lifted up the shaggy hair that was growing around the twirling spot and noticed that underneath, he had rubbed the hair AWAY! 

He had rubbed, twirled, and twisted himself a BALD SPOT!

So off to the barber we went.  We had to take drastic measures.  We went back to his old super short cut which is the only way to get him to stop twisting.  If there's no hair, there's no twisting.

The bald spot is clearly noticeable but there was no other choice.  If we left any hair to try to cover it, he was only going to twist that away as well.

The next day at the pool, moms were asking me what happened to Peter.  They wanted to know if he tried to cut his own hair.  HA!  At 10 and a half, I hope we are out of that phase but that's exactly what it looked like.

Kids were asking him what happened.  Before we went to the pool, he said he was going to tell them the barber did it accidentally or that he didn't know what happened.  I encouraged him not to lie.  So he ended up telling them that it got twisted off but he wasn't sure how it happened.  Okay...not exactly a lie but not exactly a truth.

Anyway, it's starting to grow back in and surely by the beginning of school he will have a full, yet short, head of hair!

Still handsome even with the bald spot!


Mari said...

Those habits are so hard to break! And yes - he's still handsome!

Kimberly said...

Whoa! Didn't realize you could twirl your hair away! It's kind of endearing though, because I don't know any other boys who twirl their hair! Bless him...still sweet!