Sunday, September 9, 2012

The only one.

One morning last week as we were getting dressed, my husband peered at himself in the mirror and started jiggling the skin on his neck. "Look at my neck!  I've got turkey neck!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, don't worry honey.  I've got turkey knees," I said as I turned to show him all of the excess skin on my knees.  We both paused a moment while taking in all of the many wrinkles that seemed to suddenly be taking over. I smiled and thought to myself, thank goodness we are growing old together.

Happy 12th Anniversary to the smartest, sweetest, kindest, funniest, bravest, strongest, and definitely cutest man I have ever known.

Dan, you are the only one I want to get old and wrinkled with!


Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary! ANd I can't imagine the two of you wrinkled at all. I think you just need to buy new mirrors :)

Unsweet T said...

Happy Anniversary, Beth & Dan! And many more!


deborah said...

Happy Anniversary! It's a huge blessing to be married to someone that is the only one you want to grow old with!{and wrinkled} :)