Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photobombed! (Well, sort of.)

So you all know what photobombing is right?  That's when someone purposefully ruins a picture you are about to take by suddenly appearing in the shot. That's my paraphrased version of the Oxford Dictionary definition anyway.

But lately, photobombed has taken on a looser definition and basically is any picture that is ruined by someone else being included it (whether on purpose or by mistake).

This morning I was downloading all the pictures from my phone when I came across this one that the kids took of me and Dan while we were at dinner one night at the beach.  I think this is a really cute shot and was going to save it.

Until I noticed the creepy looking guy staring at us in the background.


Mari said...

It is a nice picture - other that that! Maybe you can edit him out.

Snarky McGee said...

You can for SURE edit him out. Do you have photoshop? Do you still have my email address? Send me the original file and we can do it!

deborah said...

Ha! Ha! Edit time!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect program for that! I'll email you the "fixed" one!