Monday, April 30, 2012

I promise this is it. Now I just hope that you aren't mad at me for making you read all of this!

And now for the final chapter of  "It All Starts With Bugles and Ends with "It Came Out of My Nose!"

I hopped in the car on Wednesday afternoon, excited to head to school and get the kids and get our long afternoon underway.  But most of all, I was excited about the Bugles.

When the kids got in the car, I handed Peter the Caramel Bugles and handed Sarah the Nacho Cheese Bugles.

"Cool!", "You found them!", "Awesome!", were the excited words coming from the backseat.  Peter immediately declared the caramel ones his and Sarah took ownership of the cheese and away we went towards guitar practice.  The quiet munching from the backseat told me that they were very happy with their little surprise.

We quickly got to guitar practice and Peter did his thing while Sarah worked on her homework. When that was over, we hopped in the car and headed to Dunkin' Donuts.

It was time for allergy shots and this is always my little treat to Peter for having to endure three shots.  He chose a Maple doughnut since he had never had one of those before and Sarah chose a Sprite. She is totally over the doughnuts and would rather have ice cream instead.  But this isn't a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts like so many of them around here are so she is stuck with the regular DD menu.

Peter happily ate his doughnut and said it was really good.  And then it was time to get in the car and head for the dreaded allergy shots.  Some weeks he takes the shots like a man and some weeks he is a total baby about it.  He decided to be a total baby about it this week.

But that's okay.  I'm used to the whining and complaining and the nurses are pretty good about it.  They are very patient with Peter and they give me lots of sympathetic looks.

We got that done and got back in the car and the sniffling and whining continued.

The complaints of "I hate shots!" and "When can I go to every three weeks?" quickly turned to "I don't feel so good.".  My first thought when this happens is that he is having an allergic reaction.

Many times after his shots he starts sneezing or coughing or itching and I have to toss him some chewable Benadryl.  Thank the Lord for those things!

But this was different.  "It's my stomach.  My stomach hurts."

"Oh.  Well, maybe you have gas.  You can lay on your side when we get home."  Telling my kids they must have gas and need to lay on their side is my typical response when they say their stomach hurts and it usually works every time.

"No.  I think I'm going to be sick."

Uh oh.

"Can you reach one of those plastic Wal-Mart bags I keep in the back?"  I hurriedly questioned.

"Nooooo! They are too far back there.  I'm going to throw up!"

I quickly signaled and pulled over and as soon as I threw the car in park I could hear it.

BLEEEEECCCHHHHHHH!   The lovely sound of a child throwing up.

And the I heard, "It came out of my nose!"

And that folks, is how you start with a bag of Bugles and end with "It came out of my nose!".

But in defense of the poor, delicious Bugle, I must inform you that after we got him home and cleaned up I discovered that he ate almost the entire  5 serving bag of Caramel Bugles by himself.  I was not aware of this when I purchased a doughnut for him.  I also was not aware of the fact that right before school was dismissed (mere minutes before he consumed an entire 5 serving bag of Caramel Bugles by himself) he ate an Italian pastry to celebrate a classmate's birthday. 

It's no wonder he threw up.  And really, with all of that food, it's no wonder it came out of his nose!


Mari said...

Oh no! Terrible ending. Will he still eat bugles?

Colleen said...

Eeewwww, poor kid. I hate hate hate cleaning up vomit in a car. Worst parenting duty EVER!

Anonymous said...

And with a tummy so full, where else was that poor bugle supposed to go??


deborah said...

THAT sounds like a lot of sweet stuff! Makes my stomach a little queasy just thinking about it! :) Wow! Unfortunately, we mothers can't always know everything that our kiddos have been consuming! :)