Friday, April 27, 2012

The Bugle Story Continues...

Back to the continuation of It Starts With Bugles and Ends With the Exclamation "It Came Out of My Nose!".

For several weeks I continued to pick up a bag of Caramel and Cheddar Bugles for the kids.  Well, honestly, I loved them so much that I was really probably picking them up for myself as much as for them.

The small bag of delicious Bugles from the Sheetz was starting to get a little expensive so I started the hunt in the grocery stores to see if I could find any larger-but-less-expensive-per-ounce bags there.

I couldn't find any Bugles at Wal-mart.  I checked Food Lion and I checked Lowes Foods.  Admittedly, when I was checking these places I was only glancing and was doing it very quickly.  I wasn't on a mission solely for Bugles and as I said before, the Bugles in the Sheetz were practically in the basement so I knew the company that manufacturers them was not paying extra for a good spot on any shelf.  And if I have to do a whole lot of searching high and searching low when I'm trying to shop for my real groceries, I'm probably not going to find what I'm looking for.

Finally, one week in Wal-Mart, I discovered the big, red Bugle bag on the very bottom shelf near the Pringles.  I bent down and noticed that low and behold (cue the angels singing) there was a spot for Nacho Cheese Bugles and a spot for Caramel Bugles.  Of course, the spots were empty but at least there was a spot for them.

I checked the next week and (more angels singing) the spots were full of flavored Bugles!

I should probably stop the story here and insert that when two people in my family love something, most likely the other two will not.  This makes it very hard for me to cook.  I can't find anything that everyone loves and usually end up feeling that at least half of what I cook every night is going to waste, will not be appreciated, will be eaten with loathing, etc.

Same thing with the Bugles.  Peter and I love, love, love the caramel flavored the best out of the bag of mixed Bugles.  Sarah, either really not loving them (although how could she not they are just so delicious!) or just wanting to be different, declared one afternoon that she preferred the cheddar cheese.  Peter and I both shouted, "you're crazy!" (and then happily realized that her distaste for the caramel would mean more for us) but she stood firm in her declaration of her preference for the cheddar over the caramel.

Week after week, she would pick out the cheese and Peter would pick out the caramel.  I would gladly eat whatever flavor they would hand me from the backseat as we were driving towards guitar practice. 

As I was standing in Wal-mart looking at the Bugles, I quickly grabbed up the caramel flavored and realized that the bag did not seem much bigger than the bag from the convenience store.  I checked the servings.  This bag had 5 servings while the convenience store bag had about 2 and a half.  The price was the same.  Even though the bag seemed smallish, it was really twice the size of the bag we had been eating on Wednesday.  Score!

I checked out the nacho cheese Bugles (it was nacho not cheddar but I figured it probably tasted the same anyway - processed cheese is processed cheese) and the bag was even bigger and still the same price.  I guess it's cheaper to coat something in fake cheese than it is to coat it in fake caramel. 

I smiled all the way home and hid those Bugles.  I wanted them to be a surprise for Wednesday.

Don't you love surprises? 

And a story that just never ends?

And even though this has nothing to do with the story... 

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Mari said...

I'm enjoying this story - will be waiting to hear more!

Elizabeth said...

Of course, everyone does that! : )
I am partial to regular old, plain bugles...looking forward to "the rest ofthe story" : )

Jill Elaine said...

My girls and I love the cheese bugles. Hubby likes the regular. we've never had caramel! Didn't know they had it! Think I can get my hubby to pick up a bag of them? (he does our grocery shopping)

Laural Out Loud said...

I've never had Bugles! This means, of course, that I need to go and buy ALL the flavors, so that I can read with a first hand understanding, lol. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

and even more of the cliff hanger story.....this better have a FUNNY ending!! :)


deborah said...

waiting on the rest of the story!!!

I like the regular bugles and the caramel ones.

A really yummy and easy snack mix is to buy Oh's cereal, caramel Bugles, peanut M&M's, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and just pour it all together!

Nothy Lane said...

This is a great blog! I just found it and I've really enjoyed it.