Thursday, April 26, 2012

It starts with Bugles and ends with the exclamation, "It just came out of my nose!"

It all started on Valentine's Day.  I attended Peter's class party and was helping put the snack foods on the plates.  In addition to the normal class party fare - heart-shaped cookies, cheese cubes, grapes, mini-cupcakes - there was a big, red bag of Bugles.

Interesting, I thought.  I haven't seen  or tasted Bugles in years.  I didn't even think they still made Bugles.

I finished loading up the plates and passed them out to all the kids.

I hovered near Peter waiting to see if he was going to eat all of his Bugles. When I noticed him slowing down, I asked  if I could have one of his Bugles.  There were plenty left in the big, red bag but I didn't want to be that mom - the one that eats out of the snack bag that she didn't bring.  So I just ate off of my kid's plate - that's way classier. 

He ate one and said "Wow!  These are tasty!". I had one and thought the exact same thing.  They were even better than I remembered.  We quickly finished up all those Bugles.  The grapes, we left. 

Several weeks later, I was headed to school to get the kids.  I stopped by the gas station to fill up my tank and realized that I didn't pack a snack for the kids.  It was Wednesday and immediately after I pick them up from school we head to guitar practice and depending on the week we also go for allergy shots.  This means that we don't get home from school until 5:15. And my kids are ravenous after school.  They get a snack and lunch at school but act like they haven't eaten in weeks the minute they walk through the door.

I realized that I had not brought a snack for the kids so while my gas was pumping, I ran into the store to grab something for them to share.

Hmmm...what to get, what to get, I thought to myself as I was quickly perusing the aisles of the Sheetz Gas Station.  Bugles!  I'll get Bugles!

I finally found the Bugles (on the bottom shelf, no wonder I didn't realize they were still being made - poor product placement!) and grabbed a bag.  They were flavored but I figured it would be fine.

"Wonder if those are mixed together or separated," the cashier asked.

"Huh?" I smartly replied.

"Those Bugles.  It says they are cheddar cheese and caramel.  Seems like it might be gross if they are mixed."

I thought the same thing but I was running out of time.  "They're for my kids.  They won't care if they are mixed together or not." (So loving and caring.)

I paid for the Bugles and the gas and headed to school to get the kids.

They were excited to get a new snack and immediately dug into the bag of Bugles.

"These are delicious!  We love these!" was their immediate response.

"Well, how about sharing your snack with Mommy," was my immediate response.

And they were right, they were good!  How have I lived so long without the sweet and salty taste of cheddar cheese and caramel Bugles?  The three of us immediately polished off that smallish-sized bag of Bugles.

And that's how it started.

Tomorrow, I'll finish the story so you know how it all ends...


Kimberly said...

Trying to figure out the nose part of this story.....good place to leave us hanging!!

Mari said...

I'm wondering about the nose part too!
We used to eat bugles as kids, and always put them on our fingers, saying they were witch nails. :)

Colleen said...

Mmmmm, bugles are like yummy!!

Snarky McGee said...

So my Husband saw the picture of the Bugles and immediately said how tasty those were. Then we went and bought a bag. :)

Anonymous said...

Cliff hangers!!!!! :(