Monday, February 20, 2012

Not our typical Sunday night.

It snowed last night.  You know, those big wet fluffy flakes that you love as a kid because they are so big and you can see them coming down and they take up the whole sky and you have visions of being out of school for days and days.  But as an adult you love them because you know those big wet fluffy flakes won't stick to the street and won't last too long and you are thankful because in the south you know that the tiniest bit of snow on the roads really will shut everything down for days and days. 

The kids were excited until I reminded them that they were already out of school today for President's Day.  But then they got excited again when my husband said they could go sledding down the big hill in the dark with the neighbor kids. 

They came in around 9:00 PM wet and cold.  I offered them hot chocolate but Peter asked for a slushie and Sarah asked for a milkshake and because I'm the world's greatest mom, I said yes.   (Because really, what's the difference between hot sugar and cold sugar at 9:00 PM?)

And then we all sat around the fireplace and watched an episode of Winter Wipeout that we had stored on the DVR.  It was a repeat which was even better because we hadn't seen it yet and Jill Wagoner was the host.  We love her and miss her and while Vanessa Lachey may be cute she just isn't snarky enough to replace Jill.

It may not have been our typical Sunday night, but it was a very, very good one.

I would love to show you cute pictures of my kids sledding in the snowy dark night, but I don't have any because I was snuggled up nice and warm and dry by the fire place with my sweet husband.

Like I said, it was a good one.


Mari said...

Sounds like a perfect evening!

Anonymous said...

Sounds beautiful!

Corey~living and loving said...

Sounds perfect....and such great memories! :)