Monday, February 27, 2012

Constance Hopkins

Sarah did a great job on her presentation on Friday afternoon.  She read her speech loudly and clearly and didn't stumble over any of the words.  (Which is good because her teacher was taking points off for that.)

I am so proud of her and so glad that she is being exposed to public speaking at an early age.  The first time I remember speaking in public was in the 7th grade.  (I think it was 7th, Jeff, correct me if I'm wrong.)  I dressed up like Madam Chiang Kai-shek and gave a speech on her life.  It was horrible. It was supposed to be an extemporaneous speech, but I was so afraid I was going to forget what to say, that I memorized the whole thing.  I know it sounded canned but I did the best I could.

At the beginning of the speech, I looked down, took a breath and began with , "I AM MADAM CHIANG KAI-SHEK!"  I was so loud I think I scared the class.  And that's scared not scarred, although, I probably scarred them as well because my old friend Jeff, after reading that Sarah was dressing up for her speech, immediately facebooked me to ask me if I remembered my infamous speech. 

30 years later and he remembers that speech - how's that for making an impression?

Peter gives his speech on Colin Powell today.  Unfortunately, parents aren't invited so no cute pictures of him dressed up in his dad's old Army coat. 

Doesn't she make a cute pilgrim?


Aimee said...

That is a totally awesome pilgrim's outfit. She would have been the cutest one on the Mayflower. ;) Good job, Sarah!

Mari said...

She looks adorable! I agree with you that starting early with public speaking is a good idea.

Jeff said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking that was more 10th grade... (and our black and white, homemade reel movie based on an Edgar Allen Poe story was a year after that I believe.) And I do remember that the teacher LOVED yours. That's so awesome Sarah did well! That apple doesn't fall far from the Madam Chiang Kai-Shek tree, eh? When she's ready to make a movie as a project you'll be ready for that as well!