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Monday, November 7, 2011

Wings, cheesecake, sleepover and best of all - NO GIRLS!

While Sarah was off camping and having a wonderful time, Peter had his best friend Colton over to spend the night.  We took the boys to Christo's for dinner.  Typically Christo's has an all you can eat pizza bar that the boys were excited to get, but of course, they don't have it on Friday.  So they got wings instead.

Eating wings is Peter's new favorite thing to do.  He started out by eating them plain and worked his way up to mild.  But on Friday night, he decided he would get medium.  Dan and I talked the boys into getting medium and mild just in case they couldn't take the heat.

It was probably a good thing because after 3 medium wings, Peter switched to mild.  Here they are enjoying their wings:

Yum.  Look at the sauce dripping off the wing Peter is holding.  Makes me wish I had a big plate of wings right now.

We told the waitress it was Peter's birthday (well, Peter was concerned because it wasn't technically his birthday until next week and he didn't want to lie so we told her we were celebrating his birthday which was true) and she rounded up all the other waitress and came out clapping and singing with a piece of cheesecake.

Look at these cute faces while all the waitresses are singing:

And look at this picture.  Peter looks a little worried that Colton might eat all of his cake!

Here's a cute picture of the two boys.

They devoured the cheesecake in about 30 seconds and then proceeded to have a sword fight with the cutlery because that's what 8 almost 9 year old boys do.

We had a fun dinner and the boys had a great sleepover...I'm just a little bummed out that I didn't get any of that cheesecake!


Mari said...

What fun! Looks like everyone had fun - the cheesecake looks wonderful!

deborah said...

The swordfight looks exactly like what my son, Tucker, and his best friend, Wyatt would do! It always cracks me up to see kids close to my own kids ages, because there are just certain behaviors that go with the age!

Grandma T said...

Now that was a fine birthday, sleep over and cheesecake party!!

Fomsky said...

That looks like a mighty fun time. Now. I feel like having wings!!

jennwa said...

They are soooo our boys !!!!!! Christo's wings and cheese cake, does it get any better than that ?