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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If there are no presents under the tree this year it's because we've used our Christmas budget on Kleenex!

Peter woke up with the sniffles the other morning.  I think it was his allergies.  He played on the computer for about 15 minutes and when he left the room and I went in, this is what I saw:

My kids don't believe that you can use a tissue more than once.  Most of these tissue don't even look like they've been use at all!

Remember the good old days when they would let the snot drip all the way down their lip and not even seem to care? 


Wendy said...

This looks just like the pile of tissues I found on the bathroom counter last week when Carter had a cold. He too doesn't believe in using them more than once, so (and this may be gross) I snuck some of them back in the tissue box for him to use again without knowing. He's four so he can't have so much snot that he can't use a tissue more than once!

Nicole said...

I think its a mommy thing, my husband won't use a whole kleenex either!

Anonymous said...

i see the waste of tissue, yes, but the pink sticky note (awwwww!!!) is what made me smile! =)

Grandma T said...

You make me smile!! I, too, love the pink sticky note!!