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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's such a mess I don't even know how to get started!

Our bonus room/playroom is a mess. 

I feel my chest tighten up every time I go near that room.  I have been considering buying a  bottle of baby aspirin to keep on hand just in case I should go into full heart attack mode when Sarah asks me to play with her in there.

I just don't know what to do with the toys.  I think many of them could/should be sent to Goodwill but the kids can't stand the thought of that.  "But I play with this sometimes!" "But what if I want to play with it next week?"  "But Grandma/Aunt Cathy/Santa Clause/My BFF gave it to me!"

I just need to figure out a better way to organize that room...big rubbermaid bins just aren't cutting it.  Because everytime someone needs something from one of those bins, everything gets removed from it (because the item is always at the bottom of the bin) and then when I tell the kids to clean up the playroom, nothing gets put back in the right bin.

And it's not helping matters that I have been perusing organizing blogs for some ideas and inspiration.  That just makes my chest tighten even worse.  Look at this how-to post on organizing Legos

I wonder how long it would take us to sort all of Peter's Legos by color?  Probably about a week (or more).

I wonder how long they would stay sorted by color?  Probably about a day (or less).

I wonder how long it would take for my head to shoot right off of my neck the minute that I realized they were no longer sorted by color?  Probably about a second (yeah, a second, that sounds about right).

I would take a picture of the mess to show you guys but that would mean I have to go into the room and that's just not going to happen!


Tori said...

Dealing with this myself lately I have found one thing that has worked for me. Another option a fellow mom blogger shared with me, and I am considering it.
1) I wait until my son is asleep and get rid of all the toys he has outgrown or doesnt really like but just doesn't want to get rid of.
2) For every toy they will be getting they have to get rid of a toy. This makes them more open to choosing a toy to discard in order to make room for the new toy.

good luck!

Wendy said...

Okay, you know me I totally love to organize things but that mom who color coordinated her child's Legos is just insane! I honestly wonder how long after she took that picture that they were all strewn about the room!

What's worked well for our playroom are two of those Closetmate bookcases with the cubbies in them (8 cubbies per bookcase). We then bought the fabric bins to slide in there toys and all. The boys "mostly" remember what goes in what bin (not that it stays clean very much). When we do clean up though, it's nice to have everything put away in cute fabric bins and since you can't see through them it looks neater and more uniform. All needed items can be bought at Target!

Grandma T said...

There you go......Wendy has the right idea and all items can be purchased at Target. Let me know if I can help!!!!