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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zits and vinegar and coffee. Not exactly what brilliant blog posts are made of.

1.  I had my teeth cleaned this morning and was very excited that my talented dental  hygienist was able to work around the giant zit on my chin.   As wrinkles are beginning to lay claim to my face, you would think that the zits would retreat.  But no, they still appear monthly just as large and angry as they did in my youth.  Perhaps they will be defeated by menopause.  I guess only time will tell.

2.  My beloved Keurig coffee maker is on the fritz. It isn't brewing a full cup like it should.  After consulting the owner's manual, it sounds as if a de-scaling might be in order.  However, I don't have 48 ounces of distilled vinegar on hand so I will be heading out momentarily to pick some up.  I don't like anything to get in the way of my morning coffee so I guess I will be in full de-scale mode this afternoon!

3.  Peter's teacher emailed me on Monday afternoon to alert me to a problem.  It seems as if he was very talkative the previous week and was still having problems on Monday.  Peter's punishment was 3 days without the computer and I took him in on Tuesday morning to apologize to his teacher for being a disruption to the class.  I'm not sure which part of the punishment was harder for him - no computer or apologizing.  He did better yesterday but his teacher is going to email me updates every afternoon for the rest of the week.  The length of his punishment will be extended if the talking doesn't stop.

Peter has never been a talker. In fact, normally people that are talking in class and aren't following the rules upset him and make him angry.  It makes me wonder what is really going on with him.  Is there a deeper issue or is it simply talking in class?  Hmmmmmm....

4.  For some reason, the kids don't have Religious Ed class this afternoon.  I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed because I normally spend that time at Dunkin Donuts reading some sort of uplifting devotional book and drinking a large coffee with cream and Splenda.  (Being in DD always reminds me of Massachusetts.  There's a DD on every corner there and when you go in, you always hear someone say, "I'll take a lahge caw-fee with cream and shugah."  (Please read that with your best Boston accent.) 

5.  They are calling for snow again tonight.   I hope the kids don't miss any more school.  And it's not just in my typical whiny "But I had things I needed to get done today!" way.  I think the kids have already used all of their snow days and I'm not sure what the county would decide to do at that point.  School on a Saturday?  Ick.  That wouldn't be good for the kids or for me.  Unless of course it's the Saturday that's coming up in the middle of the 14 days straight that my husband is going to be out of town...that might not be bad...)

6.  Sarah is very excited.  Aunt Cathy is coming to visit this weekend so she can see her play basketball.  And lucky Aunt Cathy - Peter's Pinewood Derby race is this weekend as well so she gets to watch that too, just like last year.  It's nice when you can make a niece AND a nephew happy in one weekend!  Now, it would be perfect if Sarah scored a basket and Peter's derby car placed (and it doesn't even have to be first, honorable mention would be o.k. Unfortunately, though, Dan thinks they made the car too light in the front which means it will probably flip off the track.  Aunt Cathy - bring could get teary and snotty in Pack 703!).

Time to get the vinegar!


Annikke said...

I went to the doc not long ago for a bunch of weird symptoms I am having before, during and after my period each month - one of which is zits every now and then...the doc said I am probably in perimenopause, which can last 1-15 years. NICE. I am NOT that old, but apparently old enough. *sigh*

Keurig on the fritz.... NO! Say it isn't so!! Hope the vinegar fixes it!!

Pam said...

My parents (from MA, as you know)are completely addicted to DD coffee. They even go every day when they visit us here. They don't have much of a Boston accent, though.

RR Mama said...

Oh the joys of adult acne. YUK YUK YUK!! Good luck to Sarah and Peter this weekend!! And to you to, hope you survive. =)

Mari said...

I have bad news for you - I turned 50 this year and am still getting the occasional zit. It's just not fair!
I'm sick of snow too and as I type there is more coming down.

Kimberly said...

I just love your "random" blogs!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh girl I am 41 and I still get the zits!

p.s. will remember the descaling method...we have a Tassimo and I love love love it