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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1 sculpture, 2 points, 3rd place.

Aunt Cathy came this weekend to watch Sarah play basketball.  For the last several weeks, Sarah has been working on a "sculpture" as she likes to call it.

AC loves to sail so Sarah wanted to create a boat.  She spent a lot of time and toil working on her masterpiece.  She started and threw away several versions until she created one that she liked and then she spent a lot of time adding details such as a beach with glitter sand and real seashells, a little girl fishing from the boat, a crab, and heart shaped sails. 

To Sarah's excitement, Aunt Cathy loved the boat as much as she hoped and has even put it in her office at work right beside a sailing trophy she won!

And I think Aunt Cathy brought Sarah luck during her basketball game.  One of the boys on the team passed Sarah the ball and I know she only did this because AC was there, actually took a shot...AND IT WENT IN!  She acted like it was no big deal but we were hoarse from cheering!

Now, if I can get her to do the same thing next weekend when Aunt Cathy isn't in the stands!  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the shot or the basket, I do have a few other action shots from the game.

Passing the ball to her friend Cheyanne

Not sure what she's doing here but doesn't she look intimidating?

This kid is not getting past my girl!

After Sarah's game it was time for the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby.  Dan and Peter spent a lot of time sawing and sanding and painting.  Peter got to do a lot more of the actual work on the car this year than last year but it still wasn't enough for him.  But 8-year-olds and power tools don't always mix well so he will just have to wait a little longer before he makes the entire car himself.

He finished 3rd in his Den and was thrilled.  But then the top 3 finishers from all of the dens competed and he didn't do as well.  He was very disappointed.  He didn't cry but he doesn't hide his emotions very well and did a lot of pouting.  But I guess Boy Scouts builds character so better luck and better attitude next time!


Pam said...

Congrats, kids! Great job!

I think that Sarah may have something there. Perhaps a new sport mixing martial arts with basketball?

RR Mama said...

Love her mad basketball skilz!

jennwa said...

That sculpture is terrific ! Love it!
I am sorry I missed the game, but I love the pic of Sarah and Chey.

Bette said...

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Harlene303 said...

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