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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've Got My McParty Shoes On

All right everyone. I need your help.

McMommy at The McMommy Chronicles is turning 30 (ah, so young) and she is having a party. To celebrate, she asked all of her readers to send in pictures of their favorite party shoes and I sent in a picture of mine.

She is asking people to vote for their favorite and I am woefully behind. It must be because everyone else's shoes look like they are going to a fancy soiree.

My party shoes are wedge heels. Because. come on people, I don't really even have anywhere to where these wedge heels, much less fancy schmancy shoes.

So, take pity on me and go here and vote for my shoes.

And please disregard my pasty feet.

I am currently at the beach trying to un-pasty them. And I wish I had the time to put some sassy red polish on my toe nails before I snapped the picture. It might actually have helped push me ahead in the voting.

So, get over there, right now and vote for me (Beth at A Mom's Life). There's more than one Beth and I would hate for you to vote for the wrong one. Of course, if there's a pair you like more than mine, feel free to vote for that one too. I won't be too mad.

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Jaina said...

Voted :) And those are simple, but cute. :)

the dragonfly said...

I voted for you. :)

For the record, heels like that are the only kind I can wear. I am very very clumsy. Even those aren't safe!

When I got married, I wore ballet slippers. No chance of tripping on heels.


Mari said...

I'll be glad to help you - I'm heading over there now!

Brittany said...

I voted for ya! :)Those are some nice shoes, I like them!!

Kellan said...

I will go check it out. Take care - Kellan

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Okay, going to vote now.

jennwa said...

Look at you being all cute with your picture taking.

Unknown said...

Beth, first of all...your shoes are FABU! I kicked off my heels after about the first ten minutes. They were killing me! I totally should have gone with a wedge! You smart girl, you!

And be sure to stop by and check out the grand finale...a little something just for YOU!

McMommy said...

p.s. That last comment was from me. What happened to my screen name???

Don Mills Diva said...

How fun! I'm going to go right over there and take a look!

Christina said...

Okay I'll vote.