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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I need hair help!

I did it! I finally screwed up the courage and I did it!

I have officially fired my hair stylist.

Well, if you consider calling the shop when you know she's not going to be there and leaving a message that she may or may not get telling her that you are cancelling your next appointment, firing. Well, then, she has been fired!

So technically that's probably not a firing so much as a wimpy way to cancel an appointment. But I knew if I tried to cancel when she was working she was just going to convince me to reschedule and then I was just going to have to call and cancel when she wasn't there anyway so I figure I saved us all a step.

And I'm not too worried. I'm pretty sure she will get the message. And if she doesn't and ends up sitting there waiting on me, well then, I figure that's what she gets for all those times she made me sit there and wait for her to finally arrive without so much as an apology. Hmmph.

So "firing" or whatever it is you want to call what I did to my hair stylist was step one.

Step two was the next big hurdle. Finding a new hair stylist is always complicated.

I don't want to use someone that a good friend or family member uses because what if I don't like the work they do and then this person questions why I'm not going back to their stylist.

I don't want them wondering why their stylist is good enough for them but not good enough for me. What makes her so special that she can't use my stylist? You know, things I'm sure they would be thinking . Things that even if they weren't thinking, I would be thinking they were thinking. And then every time we were together I would be wondering if they were wondering why I wasn't using their stylist.

I don't need a strained relationship over a hair stylist.

But I am thinking that maybe I need a hobby because it seems like I've got lots of spare time on my hands to sit around thinking about what other people may or may not be thinking about.

Where was I?

So I had been contemplating my next move for several weeks when the mothers of one of the kids on the t-ball team came to practice one evening with a really cute short hair cut. This was perfect! I had known this woman briefly prior to the t-ball season and am friendly with her, so I didn't feel like a weirdo asking her where she got her hair done.

There is this one mom with the absolute cutest hair do I have seen in a long time and I had tried and failed on several occasions to start a conversation with her so I could casually ask her about her stylist. I had to stop myself a couple of times from running up to her and gushing about her cute hair and asking who did it and were those highlights natural?

Because y'all, everyone knows it's not polite to ask a complete stranger where she gets her hair done and certainly not to ask if her highlights are natural.

And I really don't want to become known as the annoying t-ball hair stalker mom. I annoy enough people on a regular basis without adding annoying t-ball hair stalker mom to the list.

So I got the information from the other mom and made the call. The new stylist was friendly on the phone, she works very flexible hours and she is priced the same as my evil other stylist.

I am scheduled for highlights and a new cut on Friday morning at 8:30.

So now step three is trying to decide what kind of cut I want. Normally "cut" for me means a trim off the ends of my Marcia Brady hair. But I think after keeping my hair long for over 3 years I am ready for a cut - a style even!

My hair lends itself to a bob and not much else. I have been told by many stylists that I have a lot of hair but that it's fine. And I don't mean fine the way a guy may come up to you in a bar and say, "Oh mama, you are looking fine tonight!". I mean fine as in thin, limp, stringy. So it normally doesn't do much on my head except hang there.

In the past when I have been ready for a new style, I go to the grocery store and buy a few of those over priced hairstyle magazines, flip through them and wish that I looked like Jennifer Aniston or Kate Hudson or one of the other stars wearing the latest hair trends. And then I take the magazine to the stylist and get a hair cut and oddly I don't ever even remotely resemble Jennifer or Kate or Gweneth or Reese....

So I was wondering, where do you guys look for new hairstyles? Should I hurry in to the grocery store before my cut on Friday or is there some better place to look?

I need hair help! Where do I turn? What should I do?

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Tracy said...

Sorry I can't offer ANY advice, as I too, have "fine hair...lots of it" I think they are just trying to be nice when they say "fine". What they really should say, is we have a lot of useless hair! I just spent $175 on mine, and it looks the same as always.

Amy Wyatt said...

It's so funny you wrote this post. There is an article in Christian Woman Today this month about women and their hairstylist ;-)
Good luck finding someone. Tracy is right... I spend way too much money and it's never quite exactly what I want.

Megan Cobb said...

My stylist has books for me to look at. Usually I say something like, "I think I'd like to go a little shorter, maybe. What do you think?" and then SHE shows ME some styles that she thinks are suitable for my hair and will look good on me. I am always happier with my hair when I let her guide me - she is, afterall, the expert. :)

duchess said...

Don't feel bad about being a t-ball hair stalker....I once pretended to be taking pictures of my daughter's end of the year preschool show and was actually taking a pic of the woman's hairstyle a couple of rows in front of me. Well - it was really cute!
The lady & I are now friends so I don't feel guilty (much).

Mari said...

I love this post and I'm glad you got rid of your stylist. She was taking advantage of you anyway! I need a new hairstyle myself, but it's already short and everytime I try to grow it out, I get sick of it and cut it again. I usually ask my stylist for advice though. Good luck! You'll have to post a picure.

Christina said...

Okay this is going to sound lame but I have not been to a stylist in 12 or more years. I cut my own bangs and trim my own hair. Can't you tell? (trying to be humerus here.) Not only am I germaphobic, but I am hair cut aphobic too. My son gets this really cool skateboarder surfer cut from this awesome lady right down the street and she cuts lots of peoples hair on this post. She by far is one of the most talented hair stylists I have ever scene. Every time I go in she asks if I am ready yet and every time I say no, but you would think after having this style for about 20 years I might actually give it a try. My hubby has short hair aphobia so he doesn't want me ever to go to get it cut, he just says I like it the way it is so don't mess with it. Of course it has been the same old boring style for so long now but I can't seem to cave in and go to the beauty salon. So obviously I am no help in this matter. I look at your picture and think your hair looks awesome why change it, but this is coming from a girl who hasn't changed her hair in over a decade, so don't take my advice, take the advice of one of these other awesome ladies, who look like they have really nice hair styles.

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

I have seen recently that there are virtual make-over web-sites. You take a picture of yourself with your hair all pulled back, upload it, and then you can try on different coiffs.

Just between you and me (and the rest of the internet world) I've been thinking about doing this myself as I've been contemplating a new do.

Just call up your good friend google and go "do" shopping.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of fine hair too! With just enough wave in it to be annoying but not actually curly.

I have had the same boring hair cut for years now so I have no advice, but I am eager to see what you end up with. You must post before and after pics!

Heather said...

My problem is always recreating that great look at home. I finally got a cut that I can do - Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. I have to use a straightener, but I took a photo in and my stylist got the cut right and I can make it look right. Not that I look anything remotely like Uma Thurman, but the hair is right.

Sue Wilkey said...

LOL I'm so glad you found my blog so i could find your blog - adding it immediately. I always hate it when the subject of "who do you go to?" comes up and I say how much I love my girl, but inevitably my hair looks totally un-stylish, unwashed, and in need of highlights at the moment. So people turn to the next person "who do YOU use?'

Brittany said...

Hmm where do I look? I usually find hairstyles I like on television shows. I know that sounds weird, but they are usually the trendiest styles. I also don't spend a ton of money on my hair. I found a lady I really like at the local Great Clips, and for $20 (I like to tip her well!) I can get a great cut!

Good luck!!! :)

Jaina said...

Hmm, I don't know. I don't think I go for styles. I have a great stylist, and I let her try new things (within reason) Usually it's just take it a little shorter and fix my layers. My hair has grown long again, and I love it (the bf is quite fond of it too...begged me to keep it long) For a while I had it up around my shoulders, but now it's back to halfway down my back (like when I was little) I wish I had advice for styles, I'd say just keep your eyes open for ads, billboards, magazines, tv shows. Your new stylist might have some fun ideas too. :) Good luck!

Kellan said...

Yes, I often buy those grocery store mags too! How exciting that you are getting a new do - can't wait to see it!

Have a good evening - see you - Kellan

Michelle said...

You ROCK! Firing a professional in your life is always difficult. A cancellation call was absolutely the right thing to do. Being that you were not satisfied with her professionalism, you did the appropriate thing. It wasn't personal, it's business (yes....when you pay all that money for a cut and color, it's BUSINESS).

On the cut and style, my last cut and color was on Mother's Day. "They" got it as a I went wild............cut short and kicked it adventurous!

Anonymous said...

You should get your hair cut like mine! I too have lots of fine hair and the "inverted bob" is the perfect cut for this hair type. It's super easy too...I literally just blow it dry...don't even have to use a just falls into place. Perfect mom do!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Good Heavens, been there done that. Read all about it.....

and here

Good luck with that!I feel for ya!

McMommy said...

It's a two-fer this week!! Love it! Thanks for POW-ing with me! :)