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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Weekend wrap up...


Miss me? 

Yes, I haven't been here in a few days thanks to 8th Grade Santa's Workshop.  But that wrapped up successfully yesterday so I'm ready to get to it!

I will admit that I'm in mild panic mode as I just realized that we are officially less than 3 weeks from Christmas.

Just let that sink in....

...twenty days until Christmas...

Why the panic mode?  Well, I have purchased a sum total of ONE gift and have yet to even make a list for all they other myriad gifts that must be purchased.  But I'm not worried because that's why God invented Amazon Prime!

Any who, all of this is neither here nor there because this is how I operate every year and I always get it done. 

...insert silent prayer of thanks for Amazon Prime...

So when I left off last Thursday morning, Peter was in mild panic mode (hmmmmm, wonder where he gets that?) due to an additional project that had to be started/completed in the midst of a couple of other projects. 

He got his math project turned in on Thursday morning and later that evening we sat down together and he came up with a workable plan.  As he was writing due dates on the calendar and what he was going to complete when, he started to realize that he really should have started things sooner.  So I think he is making progress.

Then on Friday he got more clarification regarding his French project and it isn't quite as intense as it first seemed. He spent a lot of time on that this weekend and should be done with it tonight.  (He had an orthodontist appointment after school yesterday, Boy Scouts, and a fair amount of regular homework last night otherwise, he would have completed the French project last night.  But if he completes it tonight, he will have it done two nights before it's due and I think that's pretty darn good.  And then hopefully he can get his Religion project completed earlier than expected. 

And that's enough about Peter and all his projects. Sort of....

One of the requirements for his Classical Guitar class is that he has to attend a concert each semester.  So, he and I went to hear a performance of Handel's Messiah on Sunday afternoon.

It was the full performance - all three acts.  It was very well done and I'm glad I got to go with him.  He was probably a little bored as the soloists all sang in opera style.  The chorus alone, however, was worth the price of admission (which happened to be free - although they were accepting donations so of course, we donated when they passed the basket). 

I was looking forward to the Hallelujah chorus the most and it did not disappoint. 

Here is a very bad selfie of the two of us before the show started:

We also attended the basketball game on Friday night.  Peter enjoys hanging out with his friends and Dan and I had a good time at the game too.  Sarah opted to stay home alone because as she said she was, "looking forward to spending some time alone".  Allrighty then.

Well, with that weekend wrap up, I guess I really better start to do some Christmas shopping because Amazon Prime is no good without actual items in the old shopping cart.


Gigi said...

Twenty days? Now, I'm in panic mode - particularly since I literally have no ideas for the guys!!

Billie Jo said...

Amazon Prime wins the Internet.
And BTW...yep. Missed you!

Mari said...

I haven't been to the Messiah for several years. I'm not a fan of the solos, but the choruses are wonderful. I love that Peter went with you.
I second the Amazon vote!

Madeline said...

So glad to hear his projects are under control!!