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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Of course it was.

Do you guys have that one hard to shop for person on your list?

I think everyone has one.  For me, it's Peter. 

I could go into Hobby Lobby, Target, Old Navy and Marshall's have Sarah's shopping done in a couple of hours.  In those couple of hours I could come out with probably 50 to 60 things that she would absolutely love.  Shopping for her is no problem.  It's actually a pleasure because it's so easy and I know that she will love and use everything that I got her.

But my dear Peter is a different story.  Year after year, I get him gifts and they go unopened and unused. 

I had a really cool idea but by the time I found it and contacted the seller, it was gone.  I'm not mentioning it here on the off chance that he reads my blog.  HA!  And also on the off chance that I can find something similar.

I am currently trying to figure out an experience type gift for him.  His guitar teacher is taking any of the students that want to go (and can afford it) on a trip to Iceland this summer to tour the country and to perform.  He would love that.  But, y'all it's over $3000. 

$3000 is juuuuuuuuusssst a tad over our Christmas gift budget.  I guess we could have gotten him that and said, "Merry Christmas FOREVER!" 

So that won't be the experience gift we're getting for him.  It will be something much cheaper and much closer to home.  I've got a couple of ideas in mind so keep your fingers crossed.

Last night we were watching Jeopardy as we like to do.  Peter and Dan love seeing how many questions they can get correct.  I get excited when I can get a couple of pop culture questions right. 

I can't remember what the Final Jeopardy question was but it was a history question.  Dan missed it (which was shocking because he typically gets all of those right) and ALL THREE of the contestants missed it but Peter got it right.  So, I'm thinking that perhaps if he wants to go to Iceland this summer he could go on Jeopardy and use his earnings to finance his trip!

Y'all!  I just looked up last night's Final Jeopardy question.  Everything you could ever want to know really is on the Internet.

Anyway, the question was:

This 18-14 - 1815 gathering of leaders prompted Beethoven to compose the cantata "The Glorious Moment".

The correct response was:

What is the Congress of Vienna

Of course it was. 

And just because I don't like to have a post without a picture.  Here is Wally on my lap chewing my hoodie drawstrings:

Look at those giant ears and that little white goatee! 


Suburban Correspondent said...

Well, I didn't know the answer, either. Kudos to Peter!

Ernie said...

That Jeopardy question stumped me, and I am also stumped on what you can get Peter. I have a few kids who I struggle to shop for. Right now it is Reggie- who will be 12 in a month. He is at the age where clothes are lame, and he doesn't really play legos much anymore. three kids born near Christmas make this time of year even more chaotic - and shopping more of a headache!

Gigi said...

Does he follow any particular sports team? Team jerseys and various paraphernalia usually make an appearance for mine. I'm lucky in that mine also likes to read the same kind of books that I do, so books usually show up too. But the older he gets, the harder it is - mainly because there isn't that ONE must have on his list.

Mari said...

I think males in general are much harder to buy for!
Hooray for Peter - he's brilliant!

Unknown said...

Why don't you have his Christmas present be taking him to the city that they do the auditions for Jeopardy Teen challenge?

Madeline said...

I love Jeopardy!! Love it! You should have Peter take the online test for teen week for sure! I hope Amazon Prime has been coming to the rescue and you've been getting some ideas. I have a brother who is THE worst to shop for so I get it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Peter is a smart cookie! I hope you find the perfect gift for the guy who's hard to shop for. That Wally is the cutest little booger.

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