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Monday, December 18, 2017

Just another weekend recap...

It wouldn't be a Monday here on the old blog without a weekend update.  I know it's a little later than normal but I drove carpool this morning. I then picked up some last minute items from Target, went back to the high school to help the PTO fill 50 faculty/staff boxes with a trillion cookies, and then went to Aldi and Walmart.

Tonight is the last Christmas pageant we will attend at Our Lady of Mercy School.  Sarah keeps talking about how good it's going to be - they've been working on it forever.  BUT, there is a stomach bug that has been going around the school and a bunch of kids were out of school last week and I heard that there are a bunch more out today.I'm hoping it still goes well even though a lot of kids will be missing.  And I hate it for all the kids that have been practicing so hard and then can't make it because they are sick.

But the show must go on....

Dan worked in the yard on Saturday while Sarah and I made a chocolate log roll for Sunday dessert.

Dan absolutely loves these.  Growing up, there was a bakery near his house that made excellent log rolls and he has fond memories of eating them.  A lot of them.

So we attempted to make one for him.

The from-scratch filling and frosting were wonderful. The cake needs a little work though.  It was a little dry.  Not sure if I overbaked it or what but we are definitely going to bake him another one soon so hopefully we can get it perfect!  And if I was crafty I would have made edible holly and berries and mushrooms and made it a real Buche de Noel.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

On Saturday night, Dan and Sarah made gingerbread cookies.  This is a tradition that we've been doing forever (except last year when Dan was gone the entire Christmas season).  I may or may not still be a little bitter about that....

And while they were doing that, Peter was working on a math project:

He was not happy about it but he got it done on Saturday night and it's not even due until tomorrow!

On Sunday, we went to Mass, had lunch at my parent's house and then in the evening went to Sarah's school where they were celebrating their 60th anniversary. They had dinner and a lot of old pictures and memorabilia to look at. 

And then we came home to watch the DVR'd Patriots game.  That was a crazy game!  (Sorry Billie Jo!)

The kids both have a 1/2 day tomorrow and then they are out until January 2nd.  I've decided that as soon as they are out the door in the morning I am going to get to wrapping.  Several of Peter's gifts still aren't here yet and I am keeping my fingers crossed they arrive by Christmas.  Unfortunately not every gift I wanted to purchase was on Amazon so now we wait.

Have a great week!


Gigi said...

That cake looks so yummy! I'm on the hunt for a few more gifts - my friend suggested Amazon but at this juncture, I just need to have it on hand, I can't trust that the system will get it here. Especially, after the one item I did find on Amazon Prime told me it wouldn't get here until the 26th.

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness your cake looks wonderful! My kids are out on Wednesday and I'm not ready!

Mari said...

That cake looks so good! I do remember Dan being gone last year - this year is better!

Madeline said...

That is a pretty darn good weekend. Sarah looked beautiful at the pageant, I hope it was wonderful even with people gone.

Billie Jo said...

That cake looks soooo good!
Has she ever thought of trying out for those shows on Food Network??
And guess what?
I seriously was thinking about you all during the game!!!
And how I would apologize to you!!!!
When I thought we had it won for certain, I ran out to McDonalds for me and the girls.
Steve and Rhett were at the game...
Anyway...I walk in the house to hear Peyton saying NO! NO! NO!
I should have given Tom and Coach Belichick more credit than I did!!!!
I should have known they would comeback!
But if I had to lose, I'm glad it was to a super fan of her friend Beth. : )

Colleen said...

I love your posts, I feel like I know your family so well! That game was incredible! The Steelers should have won, but I;ll take it :)

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness your cake looks amazing!