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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The saga continues....

The math project is done.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but they had to use less than 500 flat or square toothpicks to build a bridge of their design that would hold weight.  The bridge had touse angles and whatnot that they've been learning about in class (geometry).  They had to construct the bridge in a design that they thought would hold a lot of weight.  Apparently, one year the teacher had a student build a bridge that held 100 pounds.

Yep.  You read that correctly.  100 pounds.  I can almost without a doubt tell you that Peter's bridge will NOT hold 100 pounds.  If it holds 10 pounds I would be surprised. In fact, I'm just praying that he gets it to school in one piece. 

And no, we did not test it.  Because testing is what you do when you spend a lot of time on the project.  We were not about to put any weight on this bridge last night lest it shatter into  less than 500 pieces.

When Peter got in the car yesterday, he was having a mild panic attack.  In addition to completing his bridge he had a major French test to study for.  AND...


He informed me that he has a major French project (in additon to his major Religion project) due in a week. 

I almost lost it.  But I kept it together. There's a lot to be said for the serenity prayer and I may or may not have whispered "Jesus take the wheel".

Dan however did not keep it together and did  a lot of loud lecturing while Peter was gluing toothpicks last night.  A lot.

I'm hoping that Peter has finally figured out that this is not middle school and he's not going to be able to skate by on his good memory.  He's actually going to have to put in the work - ahead of time.

This morning when things were more calm, I told Peter that he needed to come up with a plan for how he was going to get these two MAJOR PROJECTS done in the next couple of weeks.  A written plan.  And I would back off as long as he was actually following the plan. 

I feel like this is a nice compromise. We'll see if this keeps him on track and keeps me off his back.

Sounds like if it works it will be a win-win.

In other news...

Looks like someone has discovered the tree.

Thanks for the tree with all the toys!     
And with that, I'm out! I'll be at Sarah's school for the rest of this week and Monday helping out with the 8th grade's Santa's Workshop.  Should be fun!

Also, I'm deciding if I should help out with a cookie exchange Peter's school PTO is doing (I think for the teachers).  I know that volunteering for a cookie exchange leads to being PTO president but I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN.  I really don't have that in me but I do think I can help with some cookies. 

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!  I probably won't be back here until Tuesday - unless Peter's bridge holds 100 pounds and you can bet I'll be here letting you know!  ;)


Madeline said...

100 pounds? With toothpicks? Well... he cannot be the only one who's bridge will fail right? And you're right, it is good for him to learn first semester of freshman year how to get it together enough to plan ahead. The crash is painful but better he figure it out now. Fingers crossed Sarah learns the lesson by watching Peter!!

Oh Wally. So cute. So funny with the tree. I hope he looses interest!

Billie Jo said...

I hated projects.
With a passion.
And your kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gigi said...

Oh the projects!! I had *almost* forgotten about them! The last project I remember was for Man-Child's botany class, it involved creating an edible object that resembled a fly (I do remember that this teacher's projects ALWAYS involved food). Once I heard that, I handed over the reins to The Husband because by this point, I needed someone else to stress about a project, but I did blog about it...sorry for the poor photo.

Ernie said...

Oh I can't imagine what a nightmare the toothpick project was. I will say that I notice a big difference in the kind of projects my kids have to do since they attend public high school. I have very academic kids and fly-under-the-radar kids, so I've encountered both. My AP student has lots of papers and presentations to write, etc. but not many projects due outside of class. My fly-under-the-radar kids, well let's just say they have a lot of free time after school. Expectations are lower or they are just not putting in much effort. I am glad for the extra focused kids I have. The focus thing seems to have skipped a kid (which helps because I have time to recover before the next one) - every other, although I THINK (fingers crossed) that the youngest three are all showing signs of being stellar students.

No tree up here and no decorations because we are still under construction. I'm hoping once Lad comes home that we will get a tree. I'm assuming it will be hard to nail him down to be home with us to decorate it though . . . friends to see, etc.