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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Graduation Dance!

Last night was the graduation dance!

The 7th grade hosts the dance and is in charge of decorations, food, etc.  I spent the morning at school getting everything ready.

Our theme was Mardi Gras and we decked the cafeteria out in green/yellow/purple and there were masks, beads and balloons!

I think it turned out great - especially considering we had no budget!  The other moms that helped me were awesome!

It is tradition that the 7th graders escort the 8th graders into the dance.  But because there were less 7th graders than 8th graders, some of them had to double up.

Here are all the 8th Graders before we went in to watch the video they made of pictures of themselves from PreK to 8th grade.  It was such a sweet video and I did not tear up once!

Here's Peter (and Daniel) being escorted in by Margaret.

And here's Sarah escorting Cian.

My kiddos before the dance:

And a couple of random shots of the cafeteria:

It sounds like the kids had a good time!

1 comment:

Mari said...

How nice to have both kids there. They both look so nice! Good job on the decorations.