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Monday, May 8, 2017

Check, check, check!

We made it through the weekend!

On Friday evening, we went to Tanglewood where the Court of Honor for one of Peter's fellow scouts was held.

Bryson was being awarded his Eagle Scout. rank.  It was a very nice evening.  Bryson and his family are so sweet and watching the ceremony brought a tear to my eye.  Peter is getting closer and closer to his Eagle but he still has a lot of work to do.  I like to think that attending this ceremony was inspiring for him.  Fingers crossed he will persevere and get it done!

Here's a picture of all the boys from the troop that were able to make it to the ceremony:

On Saturday morning, Margaret came over and she and Sarah got to work on their Science Expo display board.  Later that afternoon, while they were working on their board, I dropped Peter off at a Merit Badge college to work on another required badge.

When I got back from that, Sarah and Margaret were making slime.  One of the things they have to do as part of the Expo is to come up with something interactive to do with the elementary school kids when they came around to look at all the middle schooler's science projects.  And after they do the interactive potion, the big kids give them candy or a prize.

The girls decided that they wanted to give out slime.  So, they got busy and made a boatload of slime and portioned it out into little cups.

My kitchen was a slime factory for about 2 hours!

I found a gallon of Elmer's glue in Hobby Lobby for $29 but a quick search on Amazon led me to a $13 gallon which I had Primed to the house in plenty of time to make all this slime.  And they used every bit of the gallon! 

On Sunday after church Peter met with his group to complete his Expo board.  Y'all - nothing stresses me out like waiting to do things until the last minute but they got it done. 

While Peter was at his friend's house, I took Sarah shopping for a dress for the dance. 

It was so frustrating because I thought the dress code said: 
Appropriate length dress with no spaghetti straps, can't be sleeveless, can't be strapless, no halter neck, no cutouts, no maxi dresses and no prom style dresses.

It was very frustrating to shop for a dress that met this criteria and so we left without a dress.

But then I got home and re-read the dress code and realized that instead of "can't be sleeveless" it said "no bare shoulders".  I'm hoping that subtle difference helps because there were a lot of sleeveless dresses she liked.  So, it's back to the mall for us.  Have I mentioned that I hate the mall???

Have a great week everyone!


Madeline said...

Courts of honor are so wonderful. I went to many a ceremony in my day. Has Peter picked his Eagle project? Or is he not quite there yet? Either way, I have no doubt he will get there and it will serve him well in life!! That is a lot of slime! I hope the expo goes well (went well?) and that you can find a dress.

Mari said...

Good for Peter! I bet it won't seem like long before we see pictures of that ceremony. I bet that slime was a huge hit!