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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


After a year of monthly classes, two retreats, a saint name paper, service hours and some complaining (just keeping it real), Peter was confirmed on Monday, May 1st!

We had a busy weekend filled with family.  Dan's uncle, who is a priest came in for the weekend as well as Dan's brother, Dick, who is Peter's godfather and sponsor and Dan's sister, Cathy.  My parents and my brother were also here.

There were 90 kids from our parish and 70 kids from a neighboring parish confirmed on Monday night.  The Diocese of Charlotte covers a lot of territory and the Bishop is always busy during confirmation season.  The church decided that instead of waiting until October when his schedule was free, we would invite the Abbot from Belmont Abbey to confirm the kids now.  Unfortunately, he had a death in the family and was unable to attend on Monday so he gave the faculty to confirm to our priest.

Our parish doesn't allow photography during the ceremony but they had a photographer on hand (who is expensive!).  These pictures are screenshots from the photographers website. 

Peter being presented as Columba. 

(Columba is a saint from Ireland - considered one of the big three after Patrick and Brigid.  Peter chose Columba because Dan'ss family is Irish and when we went to Ireland last year we visited Down Cathedral where all three saints are buried. And we also saw the Book of Kells which was written at Columba's monastery. As a side note, the director of faith formation came up to us after the service to hand us something we left in the pew and was asking Peter why he chose Columba.  She said that in all her years of doing this, she had never come across a Columba and they had to look it up to make sure they were making the name tags correctly!)

Here's Peter receiving a special blessing from his great uncle Bob:

And here are some family pictures after the ceremony:

Peter and his sponsor, Uncle Dick
Peter and Aunt Cathy
Peter and Great Uncle Bob

All of us!


Madeline said...

Congratulations to Peter! How wonderful for him and you! And seriously how grown up do your kids look in the gorgeous family picture?! I love that Peter picked a saint he actually felt a connection to, that's so important.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Oh, my gosh, your kids have gotten so big!

Kelli said...

Congratulations Peter!

Mari said...

Congratulations to Peter - and to you and Dan.
PS - he has gotten so tall!

Billie Jo said...

Congratulations to your son!
He is filled with the Holy Spirit!
Beautiful family photo too!

Laura Pearl said...

What a beautiful picture of your family. Frame-worthy.

And congratulations to your son. I know how proud of him you must be.

Laura Pearl said...

I know nothing about St. Columba and now I want to read up! Thank your boy for getting me interested in an Irish saint who's new to me. :)