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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Science Expo! And we have a winner! (Two, actually!)

Last night was the long awaited Science Expo!

The kids split into groups in October.  Or they can choose to do it alone. My kids have always chosen to do it in a group.  Peter - because he's lazy and knows that he doesn't want to do all that work by himself.  Sarah - because she knows by doing it in a group her friends will get to come over multiple times to work on the project and it might involve a sleepover or two.

Once they determine their group, the figure out what they want their project to be about.  It can literally be about anything as long as they can come up with a hypothesis, test the hypothesis and draw conclusions.  You also have to be able to find research to support your hypothesis and conclusions.

After they figure out their project they do research and then they formulate their experiment.  Then they have to perform their experiment.  After that they have to write their paper which includes an introduction, background information, materials and procedure, results, graph of results,discussion, conclusion, credits, and bibliography.

Then they have to create the display board and come up with an interactive component for the little kids.  This can be a demonstration, and activity or a game that relates to their project.

Yesterday, the middle-schoolers set up their display boards and their interactive components in the gym and all the elementary grades came through to see the experiments and to hopefully learn a little science.

And then last night, all the parents came to check out the projects and the evening ended with awards.

Sarah's group came in 1st place out of all the 7th graders and Peter's group came in 1st place out of all the 8th graders!  It was a very good night!  My only regret was that my dear husband was out of town.  Grrrrr.....

So proud of these kids for all their hard work! 


Joy said...

Congrats to them both!!

Mari said...

Wow - good for them! Peter looks very business like in that suit!

Madeline said...

Congratulations to them! Their projects looks awesome! How fun for them!