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Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls went one way, boys went the other.

Dan and Peter headed out on Friday night for a Boy Scout campout and to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail.  They weren't going to be home until Sunday afternoon so Sarah and I had a lot of time to fill.

Jennifer (the best BFF in the whole wide world!) invited us to her house.  Her 12 year old daughter cooked us a fabulous meal (it included jalapeno popper dip so I was a happy camper) and then we sat around and talked while the girls played.  Her husband and boys were also out of town too so the timing could not have been better.

Sarah keeps asking me when she can cook a whole meal like Caity.  And I keep telling her that she's got to help me in the kitchen before she can cook a whole meal by herself and since she's never interested in doing that it might be a while.

Santa even brought her a really nice cookbook for kids with simple meals that she has yet to use (or even look at for that matter.)  I should probably let her pick something from that cookbook to help me fix one night for dinner and see if that inspires her to help me. 

On Saturday we went to lunch with Jennifer and her girls  and then went into every shop in downtown Lexington - with the exception of the wig shop/beauty supply store.  And there were way more shops than I realized because browsing in all those shops took us over 3 hours!

We didn't make very many purchases but we did come out of The Candy Factory with some pretty full bags!  And I was a good girl - I managed to resist the homemade fudge. It was hard, but I did it.

Later that night we went to dinner with my parents and before I knew it, it was Sunday and the boys were home.

And because I'm a bad blogger and took absolutely no pictures when we were with Jennifer and her girls and every knows you need to have a picture with every post, here's a picture of Peter and his fellow scouts at the bottom of the trail.

Updated: The BFF comes to rescue once again with a picture that she took from Saturday!


jennwa said...

We had a great time, we need to do that more often, even if the boys are not out of time. Love you !!!!

Billie Jo said...

How funnnn!
Love a girls weekend!
And get that girl in the kitchen...
Peyton does most of the cooking now... I've been demoted to sues chef and cleaner upper. ; )

Mari said...

Sounds like everyone had a fun weekend! I love the pig in the picture with the girls.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm impressed with your friends 12 year old cooking a meal!! Your weekend sounds fun and it was needed by you; relaxing girl time. :)
Glad the boys had fun as well.