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Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes. Some good news and me trying not to whine about my weight.

It's Friday.  7 Quick Takes time. 

1.  Congratulations goes to Kate!  She's the winner of the #SOTG giveaway.  Enjoy!

2.  Speaking of Something Other Than God, I'm about half way through the book and I'm really enjoying it!  I was hoping to get more of it read last Friday while waiting on my husband at his colonoscopy.  But that only took an hour and there was a distracting tv on in the waiting room and it's hard to concentrate with Kelly Ripa blabbing in the background..  Hopefully I'll be done in the next few days or so.

3.  And speaking of Dan's colonoscopy, it was fine.  There we no polyps and the doctor could see absolutely nothing wrong.  He said that Dan did a good cleanse and he was able to see everything very clearly. So he goes back in 5 years for a follow up.  I asked the doctor why he wasn't going back sooner based on his brother's diagnosis and was told that typically you repeat every ten years so going in 5 years was much sooner than the average person.  Makes me a little nervous considering his brother had a clear colonoscopy three years ago.

4.  When Dan was finished with the procedure, a nurse got me from the waiting room and brought me to an office. She told me Dan was getting dressed and would join me and then the doctor would come in to talk to us.  A few minutes later, Dan staggered into the room with a dopey grin on his face and declared, "That was FANTASTIC!"  I refrained from asking the doctor if I could get a little of what he was on.

5. None of my clothes fit.  None of them. And it's so depressing.  Being 44 and gaining 60 pounds with this pregnancy is a lot different than being 34 and gaining 40ish pounds like I did with Sarah.

Let's just say I'm regretting all of those BLT's heavy on the mayo with a side of fries I had the last nine months.

6.  I managed to find a few things on a recent Target/Kohls trip that fit me and didn't look too horrible.  And when I say "didn't look too horrible" I really mean, "didn't look very good at all but I can't go around naked because that does look horrible". Unfortunately the shorts  were 3 sizes bigger than I was wearing last year this time. THREE SIZES!  Yikes.

7.  So, that's why I had this bowl of horribleness for lunch yesterday...

Quinoa and brown rice.  It's about as tasty as you would think.  So, not very.

And with that, I'm off to Mass.  Sarah's class is leading the liturgy this morning and then I'm helping to set up the school book fair.

Enjoy your weekend and for more Quick Takes, head over to Jen's.


jennwa said...

I think you are beautiful and you will lose the weight. Only a select few are back to their normal size one month after delivery. It is hard, but it will come off. Just lay off the BLTs and fries.LOL

MarianneF said...

#4 had me laughing, so funny!!! And obviously, you just had a baby, so be gentle with yourself on the weight loss. It will happen and you are so pretty that a lingering few extra pounds won't bother anyone but you. But I sure know that feeling and can relate...

Mari said...

I'm so glad the colonoscopy was clear. I love #4!
You'll do fine and lose that weight, but it is discouraging to go up in size. Hang in there!

Rosie said...

Hah number 7 made me laugh - that does look disgusting! Thankfully it's farmer's market season and that always helps me eat better - is there any way to shop local? So much more appetizing than rice and quinoa, and I bet it would help with the weight loss! But seriously, it's also only been a month. You've got time!

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

I am glad you are enjoying the book. Slow and steady with the weight; it's so annoying.

Madeline said...

It's almost fresh tomato season (and fresh fruit and veggies) so that will help I am sure! Don't be too hard on yourself. I know it's a cliche but you didn't gain it all overnight either!

Jessica said...

It takes 9 mos to put it on, but it takes me 18 mos to take it off. You're a beautiful no matter what number is on your tags. Bonus! You still wear shorts! My old lady legs will be shrouded in maxi skirts this summer. Long live maxi skirts!

Anonymous said...

#4 made me laugh. Glad everything went well. I started counting calories about 9-10 months postpartum and that really helped...but had to make adjustments for breastfeeding. I'm still doing it 18 months later. It changed my life, literally.

Billie Jo said...

Hi sweetie!
So happy your hubby is good to go with that!
And you are gorgeous.
Off to bed. Night!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's hard when your clothes don't fit… don't feel good inside or outside. IT will happen. The weight will come off; just give yourself some time.
SO glad Dan's test was good/clear. I too would want to go back sooner than 5 years though.
Kelly Ripa is a blabber isn't she??? LOL

Kelli said...

I had a harder time with the weight with my third as well. There is 5 years between my 2nd and third so I was a bit older than with my other two. The last pregnancy I ate what I wanted because I knew it was my last and I paid for it. I think you look wonderful though.

So happy that your husbands test came back clear!

karen said...

I have a realy hard time shedding weight after pregnancy, even breastfeeding doesn't take it off. I've had a lot of luck with cutting carbs. It's so easy to put away a bag of pretzels or tons of bread, but just trying to replace those with carrots and humus or PB on toast to be more filling has made a difference. Like 5 pounds in a couple weeks with no other changes made difference. Good luck! No one's competing for Miss America, we just want to look and feel good about ourselves - I think of it as making our God-given body shine.

Sole Searching Mama said...

Beth, please be gentle with yourself! Your life has been filled with extraordinary circumstances these past few weeks. Take everything one day at a time. The weather is warming up, perfect time to be outdoors for exercise and to eat fresh and healthy. You are beautiful inside and out - focus on being healthy, not on your weight, and you'll be slipping back into your favorite clothes in no time! Hang in there, mama!!