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Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I'm joining up with 7 Quick Takes because, it's Friday and that's what I do.  (Well, that's what I do if I've got anything to tell you about that wouldn't take up a whole post and I actually do today so, lucky you!)

1.  I'm giving away a copy of our hostesses book, "Something Other Than God"!  So head over to this post for your chance to win a copy or if you already have a copy, I'm giving away an Amazon gift card.

2. My copy of Something Other Than God arrived last Friday and I'm on Chapter 8. As a Catholic convert myself, I love to hear other people's conversion stories. 

3.  I plan to finish the rest this morning while I'm waiting on Dan to get his colonoscopy.   Dan is getting one before he turns 50  because of his brother's recent diagnosis of Stage 4 colon cancer.

4.  And speaking of his brother Bob, he is in the middle of his second round of chemo now and any and all prayers would be appreciated.  We are praying hard for complete healing!  St. Peregrine, pray for Bob. (And a prayer that Dan's colon looks good would also be appreciated.)

5.  Last week I had to take Gray Gray (one of our cats) to the vet.  He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a bacterial infection which was causing a hacking cough.  Now he's on a twice daily pill for the hyperthyroidism (which he will have to take for the rest of his life) and an antibiotic for his cough which he only takes for ten days.

Luckily they make little treats called Pill Pockets that you can hide the pills in.  And luckily he scarfs those up.  Otherwise, there is no way I could manage getting these pills into him. For the rest of his life. Twice a day.

6.  The kids have their conference track meet tonight.  I'm always excited for a new season/new sport to begin and I'm always equally excited when one ends.  Onward and upward to swim team! 

7.  May Crowning is taking place at the kid's school today and Sarah was very excited to be chosen to bring up the flowers for 4th grade.  "It's a big deal" according to her.  I think she's most excited because she gets to change out of her uniform into a "pretty dress" for the crowning.

Don't forget my giveaway and head over to Jen's for more quick takers.


Billie Jo said...

It looks great over here!
Prayers for your intentions...
And congrats to your daughter for the May crowning honor! : )

Pam said...

Praying for health to be maintained and restored in your precious family. cat has had high thyroid (whichever one that is) and I could not get the med down her every day, so my vet told us we could have it made into an ointment at a compounding pharmacy and put a measured amount on the inside of her ear flap every day. It's turned the ordeal into something much easier for everybody to tolerate. It's not cheap but neither were the orals. Just a thought. Hugs and happy Friday! :)

jennwa said...

Praying for Bob and all of you !

Michelle said...

Hope everything went well!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I'd put good money on it's being pretty much about the dress. That's the way it works here, anyway. Good luck to your husband - he's smart, taking that test now instead of waiting. And I didn't know you were a convert!

Madeline said...

I hope everything went well today. Happy Mother's Day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats to Sarah!
Prayers for Bob and that Dan's test went well…..better to be safe as always.
Our cat Harley has thyroid disease and he's been on liquid medicine (from a compound pharmacy) for a few years. Luckily, no pills….I just squirt some on his morning treats and he gobbles them down. Poor thing though; he is always hungry (no matter how much I feed him) and still is a skinny boy.
Keep us updated on Dan and Bob please.