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Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Geese, dance, notes and more!

It's Friday and I realize that I haven't written anything since Tuesday.  Let's remedy that with 7 Quick Takes!

1.  This week, a gaggle of geese has been showing up every morning in our neighbor's back yard right about the time I get out of the shower.  This is a bad thing.  A very bad thing  Geese are mean old things and they leave poo where ever they go.  Lots and lots and lots of poo. And typically once they start visiting a certain place at a certain time, they make it one of their regular stops.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't make it over to our backyard because I know that Dan is going to request that I shoo them away every morning until they stop coming.  And like I said, I'm always right out of the shower when they arrive.  And nobody wants to see me chasing a bunch of geese in my bathrobe. Nobody.

2.  Several months ago Sarah begged me for dance lessons.  Actually, she has been begging me for dance lessons for several years now but I've always said no.  Dance lessons to me seems like a big money pit...lessons, shoes costumes, recitals.  Last year I told her I would pay for a summer session if she wanted to try it (hoping that she would hate it) and she was on board with that plan until she found out there would be no recital.  She was upset that she wouldn't get to be on stage and decided not to waste her time.  So, whew!  Dodged that bullet.

But a couple of months ago she was asking again but in between piano, homework, basketball and Girl Scouts, I told her there was no way.  (And I'm not letting her stop piano because I think that's a skill she might actually use one day - tap, not so much.) To get her off my back, I told her that maybe she could do something this summer.  As I was saying this, I was thinking, eh, she'll forget this in a couple of months and I'll be off the hook.

But, that girl knows me well so she made me sign this binding agreement and she hung it up:

3.  And because she knows me really well, she posted this on her Easter candy:

Are those HORNS???

4.  And because she knows me really, really well she posted this  her leftover milkshake...
(who in their right mind has any left over milkshake???)

5.  So, clearly, we have photographic evidence that not only do I not keep my word when I tell my kids I'll look into something for them, I also eat their candy and drink their leftover milkshakes.

Perhaps I should write a parenting how-to manual. 

6.  The pool opens this weekend and swim practice starts next week!  You know my favorite thing about swim practice?  I get to talk to my BFF (check out the cute pillows they just made) while the kids are practicing!  It reminds me of the times before she went back to work when we would spend hours together while our kids played.  Those were the good old days.  ...sigh...

7.  And Dan leaves for a business trip on Sunday afternoon. Yep. Sunday.  That means instead of spending Monday with us he will be in Ireland having meetings with a group of Chinese people.   Neither one of us are very excited about that prospect but that's just part of the job.

And with that, I'm off to scour the house to see if Sarah has left me any more notes!

Head over to Jen's place to read more Quick Takes.  (I just finished her book, Something Other Than God and I loved every minute of it.  Time for a sequel Jen!)


Madeline said...

Geese = Eewww. I hope they leave too. Sarah is a hoot with her notes. I always wish I had taken piano lessons so seriously don't let her quit! Have a great long weekend, even if Dan will be hanging out with the Chinese.

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Geese solution : we have cut-out figures of dogs in our fields at work.. they don't come near. I know it won't help you today..but might be something worth looking into. Don't let them become to comfy, big trouble if they nest in your yard.

Mari said...

Yuck on those geese!
I love Sarah's notes. She makes me laugh. :)
Boo on the trip for Dan too.

jennwa said...

Nasty geese. Our dogs keep them up your way. My dogs wish they would come in our yard. But them the geese would probably kick my dog's behinds. Sarah is too funny. My kids have to hide their food because they know I would ignore the notes. I am bad like that. Sad Dan is going away, but glad you are coming to my house.

jennwa said...

I miss the good ole days too. I miss the pool and hanging out with you :( This owning a business thing is ruining my fun!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the notes. She does know you!!!!
The geese seem pretty…..from a distance. Good luck with that. Safe travels for Dan!

Elise said...

Those notes are too funny! Look forward to reading about her adventures in dance...

Sole Searching Mama said...

OH my gosh!! #3 and #4 made me laugh out loud!! I'm the biggest candy sneaker - I can't believe my boys haven't put their stash under lock and key yet!

Laura Pearl said...

Those notes had me laughing. Your Sarah is a little pistol. :)