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Sunday, November 3, 2013

WIWS: The Look There's A Horse In The Background Edition!

I'm doing my normal Sunday thang and linking up with all the other ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

This outfit looked better in person than it does in these pictures, I promise.  I think the afternoon lighting is not very flattering to the chambray and black.  It's washing everything out.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.

And in an effort to keep your eyes off the flour that is covering my leggings, I've thrown in a horse.  Avert your eyes from the flour and look at the pretty horsey!

Jacket: Motherhood
Shirt: Target
Leggings: Motherhood
Boots: Target
Cheap Sunglasses: Target

I'm coming to terms with the fact that in addition to my ever enlarging belly, my thighs have decided to join  the baby weight gain party.  I think I need to get some longer shirts to cover them up.  Perhaps some nice long tunics.  That and perhaps take my picture before I decide to bake bread and get flour all over myself thus further drawing attention to said thighs.  (And before you think I'm all that, I have a bread maker.)

Have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

You look great....and i can't see any flour! I'm just impressed you are baking bread..even with a bread maker.

Mari said...

You look cute, and I don't see any flour!

Erica Saint said...

I think you look great! :)
I have a bread maker, too! I love it.

Grandma T said...

Great pictures and beautiful you!!

Elizabeth said...

I really want a denim tunic top. Before I became pregnant, I had made a NY's resolution to not buy any more clothes for the year. I did originally list pregnancy as a possible exception, but now I'm trying to see if I can still stretch my wardrobe till the after Christmas sales.

And then, the top thing on my shopping list will be a top like yours.

Billie Jo said...

Love it...
Pretty pretty pretty! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!!! I don't see an issue with your thighs whatsoever....but I understand how you feel. What flour? all I saw was a gorgeous lady and a gorgeous horse.
I see that you get a lot of your stuff at Target. {me too!} The funny thing is....I'm always attracted to the maternity section there...everything looks SO cute and comfy! When I was preggers it was so hard to find maternity stuff...and what I had was hideous!