Friday, November 1, 2013

Pretty Peacock and Insane Killer Clown!

The effects of letting the kids stay up to watch the Red Sox win the World Series could be seen as they sluggishly and yes, even grumpily, made their way through the neighborhood last night. But it was Halloween so we soldiered on!

Pretty Peacock and Insane Killer Clown

The clown wanted to do some creepy shots...

Here's the clown creeping around looking for his next victim...

...and I think it's the unsuspecting Peacock!

I could not get the Peacock to stop posing!

The clown decided to play dead.

Off we go!

The gang we trick-or-treated with! (Minus a couple who joined us later.)

Colton and Peter

Sarah and Cheyanne

The last stop is always at my parents house because Grandma always makes the best treat bags!!

The kids were still very tired this morning even though they made it to bed at their normal time.  I am so glad we change the clocks back this weekend.  We could all use an extra hour of sleep!


Colleen said...

Clowns scare me enough even without the mask! I secretly do think they are all murderers. Sarah is so cute, and I love how she poses so easily!

Billie Jo said...

Love the costumes!!!!!

And Amen to turning the clocks!

Have a cozy weekend, my bloggy friend! : )

Grandma T said...

Delightfully scary pictures of the clown and quite lovely ones of the peacock! She does know how to strike a pose!!

Rebekah Es said...

What a great crew! Awesome costumes!

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOVE the peacock; so pretty. The clown ? Well, if his thought was to scare worked!!! :) Glad all was fun.