Monday, November 4, 2013

Raingutter Regatta

Saturday was a busy day around these parts.  Sarah had a Girl Scout function to attend at Old Salem so I dropped her off with her troop at 8:45.  I headed home to get dressed and then out the door to another local Catholic school. 

Each year our school sponsors an invitiational basketball tournament and it's held at three area schools.  I had admissions/gate duty from 11:00 - 12:30.

After that I picked up Sarah and we raced to the church where the Cub Scouts annual Raingutter Regatta was being held.  It started at 12:00 so she and I missed the  first heats but we got to see Peter race a cuope of the later heats.

He and Dan had worked hard on their boat, but it wasn't very fast unfortunately.  But if gave Peter practice at being a good loser.  A skill that he still needs to work on.  That kid can do some serious sulking.

Here are a few pictures of him racing his boat:

I will admit this Regatta was a little bittersweet.  It was his last one.  In February (right after his last Pinewood Derby) he will be moving up to Boy Scouts.  This weekend, the Weblos are going on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts.  They are also doing a ropes course with them as well. 

Peter is  excited about the trip.  One of his favorite things about scouting is the camping and as a Boy Scout, they go on a lot more camping trips than the Cubs.  But don 't worry about me and Sarah.  We will be just fine sleeping in a warm bed, eating at restaurants and shopping.  We don't do tents, ropes or sleeping bags!


Mari said...

I like your thought of practicing at being a good loser. I think we all need that at times.
You are Sarah will have such fun!

deborah said...

Maybe it's the son really struggles with being a good loser.

This growing up is so bittersweet. Wouldn't want them not to grow up, yet it keeps going faster and faster!