Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend update.

We had another busy weekend.  Dan and Peter were out the door on Saturday morning by 7:00.  (That's too early to be awake on a Saturday if you ask me!)

Peter's Weblo II group (the last stop in Cub Scouts before becoming a Boy Scout) attended a team building session with the Boy Scouts.  They went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and did (not sure what the proper verb here should be so I'm going with the generic "did") a ropes course.

I told Dan to take some pictures on his phone and this is the one and only picture he took:

And I believe this was towards the end of the course so I'm sure he thought to himself, "Oh darn!  I promised Beth I'd take some pictures."  But no worries.  See the guy in the background with the camera and the giant lens?  He takes great pictures and is very good about posting them to the Scout website so I'm hoping to get some good action shots from him.

Sarah and I headed to Panera Bread for some delicious Cinnamon Crunch bagels and then we hit the mall.

Our one and only stop was Belks and we were on a mission to find a dress for the Daddy/Daughter dance.  She immediately picked out 5 dresses, all of which met with my approval and we started the fun process of trying them on.  She really loves dresses and after she put each one on, she would twirl and flip and dance to make sure that it would work for the dance.

All 5 dresses made it to the definitely a possible dress for the dance pile.  And after a little consideration, she picked her favorite one.  It wasn't my favorite one of the bunch but I knew she was going to get it because it came with a necklace.  Those dress designers are smart...add a necklace to any dress and your 9-year-old daughter will immediately want that one because of the cheap necklace that comes with it.  Even though I pointed out to her that we could get a necklace for any of the dresses at Claire's or Charming Charlies.

It's still a cute dress even though it wasn't my favorite and she's going to look cute as a button in it on Friday night.

We had to hurry home from the mall because her friend from school was coming over for an afternoon play date.  I have no pictures of that because my ears were bleeding from all the squealing and gigling they were doing.  Not exactly sure what they did for 4 and 1/2 hours but they sounded like they were having fun!

On Sunday morning, Sarah and I attended Mass at our parish while Dan and Peter attended Mass at a church on the way home from their camping spot.  

After church we had Sunday lunch at my parent's house (like we always so!) and we celebrated Peter's 11th birthday a little early.  Here are a few pictures from that:

Peter loves reading about wars.  He's a history buff just like his Daddy!

Peter loves the Red Sox!

He finished the new Wimpy Kid book in one evening!  He said it was the best one yet!

He got a new glove and balls!

Grandma and Grandpa got him a new guitar and he is in love with it! (Now to find a new teacher!)

Sarah made Peter a card and gave him a dollar!  So sweet!
This is the Nintendo with some game cartridges circa 1985.  And it works as promised and he is enjoying it.  Got to love it when you can buy used gifts from eBay!
After lunch, I hauled my pregnant self to the couch and basically stayed there for the rest of the day/evening.  When the troops started clamoring for food, I hoisted myself up, reheated some leftover taco meat, poured it over some tortilla chips, sprinkled on some cheese, broiled it and voila - nachos.

Dan said, "You really go all out these days don't you?"  I told him it was only going to get worse the bigger I got so he better learn to cook or start taking me out more!  ;)

Have a great week everyone!

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Mari said...

Hope the guy with the camera did good! We love those cinnamon crunch bagels too - makes me hungry to think about them.
Peter is looking so old! Looks like he had a great celebration. My hubby and son love history too - esp WWII.