Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We've made it half-way through unscathed! (The first week that is.)

Well, we are officially half-way through the first week of summer vacation.

Morning swim practices don't start until next week so we've been waiting until the evenings to go to the pool and since it's been rainy we've  been getting there right in time for evening practice.

I'm looking forward to next week when we can get there early, eat lunch there and stay for a while.  These pale legs need some sun!

Peter and Dan are heading to Cub Scout camp this evening so Peter will miss the first swim meet of the season tomorrow.  But don't feel bad for him - he would much rather be camping with Daddy.  And don't feel bad for me - I would much rather  be sleeping in my bed, with sheets and mattresses and pillows and air conditioning and a toilet within a few feet of my bed.

Sarah has lots of things planned for me while the boys are gone.  She wants to go out to eat with just me.  And she wants to have a movie night.  I think I can handle these items! 

Her friend from school, Brooke, is coming for an all day play date on Friday and as a special treat, I'm taking them to get their nails done.  This was Sarah's exact request last year for her friend birthday party.  The only difference this year is that it is a a different friend.  Even with mani/pedi's for the girls it is still a very, very cheap birthday party!  (And the best part?  The mani/pedi is the favor!) 

Well, here' hoping the second half of the first week of summer vacation goes as smoothly as the first!  

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Anonymous said...

oh, sounds like some fun girl time to me! and i'm filing Sarah's birthday idea away for future use. =)