Monday, June 25, 2012

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Last Tuesday the kids had another swim meet. Their team, the Ducks, won again!

Sarah did well in freestyle and back stroke and tried breast stroke for the first time. She got DQ'd for messing up her kicking but that's okay because she was thrilled just to get a chance to try it at a meet.

Peter did a good job in freestyle and back stroke also but he is slow. He approaches swimming just like he does everything else in life - at his own speed. BUT - he swam butterfly and DID NOT get DQ'd like last year and came in 3rd! We were so excited for him! Since he is not a fast swimmer in the other strokes, he rarely places so high.

It was a great meet and we are looking forward to tomorrow's meet.Here are a few shots I took:

Sarah waiting her turn.

Sarah and Cheyanne waiting and cheering.

My BFF Jennifer drew the Duck logo on the kids backs.  Aren't they cute?

Peter doing freestyle.

Sarah doing back stroke.

Peter doing butterfly.

Sarah doing freestyle.

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jennwa said...

Awesome pics ! Love the duck drawing, very talented artist :)