Thursday, June 21, 2012

There's always tomorrow. Or maybe September.

I had great expectations for my blog this summer.  I was going to post every day without fail whether or not I had adorable pictures or interesting topics or quirky quotes from my kids. 

I was going to write just to write.  Because somewhere, deep inside, I feel like I'm a writer with words that need to escape, with phrases that need to be turned, with stories that want to be told.

I may feel this way, but unfortunately I am without the one most important thing that is needed for all writers- - novelists, bloggers or even Facebook status updaters - and that's time.

I'm up by 6:00 every  morning.  I head out for a run and because I'm so slow, even three miles takes me around 45 minutes.  Then it's in the shower because here in the south, even at 6:15 AM, it's hot and muggy and even a slow runner like me ends up a sweaty mess.

Then I sit down at my desk and I read the Bible.  And then I log onto Facebook and usually right in the middle of checking to see who has posted a picture of their cat sleeping or their kid winning a ribbon or the gorgeous view from their vacation rental, Peter comes down from his room with a quiet "Good morning, Mama."  And then impatiently says, "Can I have computer now?"  And because I'm a sucker for a sweet hug at 7:30 in the morning from my little one who is quickly becoming a big one, I oblige and head to the rickety laptop in the kitchen. (It is an ancient model that is dieing a slow and painful death.)

And it is from there that I decide I don't really care who's doing what on Facebook and pick up my cell phone because it's buzzing with activity.  I have lots of words to play on Words With Friends.

Then, I look up at the clock and realize that we need to be at swim practice in 45 mintues.  I rush upstairs to wake Sleeping Beauty.  My sweet Sarah will sleep till noon if you let her.  I shovel cereal into the kids, rush them into their swim suits and out the door and then next thing I know, it's bedtime.

And the awarding winning post that was swirling around in my head has vanished.  What was I going to write about this morning,  I think to myself at 9:00 PM. Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow.


RR Mama said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean, hence my post about the mundane. For once we don't really have a summer schedule full of stuff to do. We only have vacation, grandparent camp, and VBS. And I have to say while every day seems to melt into the next it is glorious!

Anonymous said... sound like Scarlett!


deborah said...

I hardily agree!! Where does the time disappear too?!

Anonymous said...


and now i'm going to go send you a friend request on FB. ;-)