Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She thought she could. So she did.

She thought she could.  So she did.

I first came across this quote when I started running 2 years ago.  Every morning as I was pounding the pavement trying to get my flabby legs and under worked lungs into shape, I kept repeating this quote over and over. And then Jennifer and I did our first 5k.

In the two years since, we have done several more 5ks and I was planning to train and run a 10k this spring.  But then I strained my knees and have been running very slowly just to keep in shape - not necessarily training for anything.

I felt very defeated.  I wanted to run a 10k and here I was slogging my way through 2 and 3 mile runs several times a week.

But then Jennifer steps in and starts talking up the Marine Mud Run.  She mentioned the Mud Run last year and I told her there was no way I was doing it.  Unh-uh.  No way in h-e-double-toothpicks I was running through mud and obstacles and mud. I came up with an excuse and got out of it last year.

Jennifer is very stubborn though and continued to ask me again and again this year.  And I could really think of no reason not to do it except that I was nervous about it, so I finally gave in.  I thought to myself, well, if I can't do a 10k this spring, at least I can try the Mud Run.

I checked out their website and read this, "Some come to compete, others come to complete."  And I was sold.  My goal was going to be just to finish this damn Mud Run and get Jennifer off my back.  And for two weeks, I kept thinking to myself, She thought she could.  So she did.

I must admit, I was extremely nervous leading up to this event.  I was not really prepared physically.  I knew I could run the 3 miles - that would be no problem - it would be the obstacles I was going to have to go over and under that I figured would give me trouble.  I told Jennifer she would have to haul me over some of them and she said she was okay with that.  I figure she's younger than me and she's forcing me to do this so it's the least she could do!

Oh and while we were at it, we signed the kids up to run the 1 mile Pollywog course.  Unlike me, they were thrilled at the thought of running through mud. They were actually looking forward to it.  Some where along the way between signing up and the actual race, I began to look forward to it too.  (In hindsight, maybe I was just looking forward to getting it over with but none the less, I was looking forward to it.)

I was up at 4:45 AM on Saturday.  I drank my two cups of coffee and took a shower.  I know, it's totally ridiculous that I took a shower before a mud run, but I hate to go anywhere without a shower! 

We were on the road by 6:45.  Less than a mile away from our house, a car started to pull out in front of us and we had to slam on the breaks to keep from hitting it.  Great, I though.  I'm going to die before I even get to this stupid Mud Run.)

The run took place in Pinnacle, NC near Pilot Mountain. We were about 1 mile from the exit we needed to take to get off the highway and we came over the crest of a small hill and traffic was backed up from the exit to where we were.  Dan had to slam on the breaks once again.  People were slamming on breaks and running off the highway just to avoid hitting all of the cars that were at a complete stop trying to get to the Mud Run.  My heart was racing and I wasn't even out of the car yet.  And at this point, I was wishing I was back home in my bed.

To be continued...

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Mari said...

I love the quote! Glad you made it there in one piece. :)