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Friday, March 3, 2023

Car issues, spring break, and of course, birds.

Last week was full of car issues but on Friday (the 24th) I still managed to drive down to Charlotte to pick Sarah up, drive her back home for a doctor's appointment and then drive her back to Charlotte. (My brother drove with us and we walked around campus with him.  He went there too and was shocked at all the changes to the campus in the last 35 years.) Her spring break started last Friday and some of her friends were coming to Charlotte for a concert and spent the weekend with Sarah and Gabi.  

Gabi drove Sarah home on Sunday evening and then on Monday we went BACK to Charlotte to pick up Sarah's car.  (Hoping and praying we don't have any other issues with it but I think we got a lemon so I'm just waiting for the next issue to appear.)

Sarah has spent the week relaxing but we did manage a Target run, a Starbucks run, and after four stores found the lotion she has been searching for. (EOS Body Lotion in Vanilla Cashmere scent).  She and I checked four stores together but she estimates that she checked 15 stores in Charlotte and they were always out.  It smells really good and I guess some influencers were talking about it online which was making it hard to find.  

She and Cheyanne spent some time in downtown Winston taking pictures and  this one is my favorite:

She is now in Raleigh hanging out with Joe and I think she is planning to see Peter too while she's there.  Then she'll head back to Charlotte on Sunday evening and her spring break will be over.  Just a couple of months and her freshman year will be over.  I can't believe how fast it's all going.  

She's having a really great school year. She's made a lot of new friends, she's extremely involved in the Emerging Leaders program, her grades are wonderful and she's definitely excited about her major.   I'm so proud of her!

Peter's spring break will be the week after next. He will be spending a chunk of it at Tybee Island with friends and will be spending some time here at home.  I'm excited to see him.

Before I end this post, I have to mention my birds!  Now that the weather is warming up, we are seeing lots of new species at the feeders.  We now have dark-faced junkos and wrens and sparrows!  I also spent some time this week trying to figure out if what I had been calling chickadees were in fact nuthatches but alas, they were chickadees.  At least now I know for sure. :)  

This morning  I noticed a mourning dove in the yard and this afternoon one flew up to the window, landed on the sill, and stared at me.  It startled me because doves are pretty big.  I also witnessed a very aggressive titmouse scaring away a timid chickadee this morning.  The titmouse did not want to share the feeder.  I think I need to have a talk with him.  There's plenty of food to go around.

And Dan wonders why the house is always dirty....


Mari said...

That's a beautiful pic of Sarah! Glad to hear school is going so well for her.
I hate car troubles!

Ernie said...

Love that pic of Sarah. Sounds like you are busy. How nice that you get to see the kids during their breaks. Ed and Mini come home Wed night. Fly to Ireland Friday. Come home At Pats day. I get to see them and hear all about their trip for a day and a half till they go back to school.

I always thought it was MORNING DOVE. You are sharing your bird knowledge in little bits and I am picking it up. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sarah is so gorgeous!!
Car troubles are the worst and really mess up your day(s).

Laughing at your bird stories! We have a lot of mourning doves here, and I think they have a nest somewhere...the funny thing with ours is they never fly off when we are near them at the feeders. It's like they know we are not gonna bother them.

Madeline said...

I love your bird stories!! They make me happy!

I hope Sarah's car has been behaving!