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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Not much going on around here...

Exactly one week from today, we will be moving Sarah into her dorm at UNC Charlotte!  She and I have gone shopping THREE times for all of her dorm essentials AND she has ordered quite a few things from Amazon as well.  I've enjoyed our shopping trips and am thankful for the time we've managed to spend together.  She has worked almost every single day this summer and while her bank account is looking good, I've missed her!

I laugh when I think back to last summer when I had to drag Peter kicking and screaming to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick out a comforter and get the rest of his items. That trip ended pretty quickly with me offering to just go by myself to purchase everything I thought he needed.  He was totally fine with that. All he cared about was ordering a flag (Charlotte Hornets) for his wall.  And it's so funny because since then, I've seen a lot of boy moms talking about all their boy cared about for his dorm was a flag for the wall!  (I would also like to add that now that he has his own room in the apartment/frat house, he proudly has THREE flags displayed! :)

It's been pretty quiet around here now that Peter is gone.  Sarah's last day of work is tomorrow and then she is going to go to the lake with The Basement for a couple of days and then it's off to school!

The birds continue to come to the feeder that is mounted to the kitchen window.  And last week we finally had a cardinal visit!  It was a female.  She's visited several times and I'm hoping she brings her husband.

Buddy continues to enjoy the bird feeder as much as I do:

I've been enjoying my fair share of tomato sandwiches this summer:

Toasted sour dough is the key to an exceptional tomato sandwich!

I made this delicious tomato pie:

And a big pot of tomato bisque that was delicious too!

Dan and I have gone on a couple of walks this week and on Monday this little rainbow was just hanging out:

I love a surprise rainbow when there hasn't been any rain!

And according to my camera roll, that's all that's been going on around here.  


Mari said...

Oh my! I can't believe Sarah is about to go to school. I know you are happy for her, but I remember it's hard on us moms too. Glad Buddy is keeping you company.
Tomato everything looks good!

Madeline said...

Those tomatoes look just heavenly. I can't believe it's already time for Sarah to leave and Peter is already gone. I am glad to hear the girl version of the shopping trip was a little more fun.

Gigi said...

How did I know that dorm shopping with Sarah would be a TOTALLY different experience than the one you had with Peter? ;-) Wow, this summer has just flown by; it's hard to believe she'll be heading off soon.