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Friday, August 5, 2022

NCSU - Year 2 begins

On Tuesday morning, with a car loaded full of clothes and household items, and a truck loaded full of boxes, we headed to Raleigh to get Peter set up into his housing for sophomore year at NC State.

It was hard to be sad because he is so excited to be starting this year in an apartment/house with 11 of his fraternity brothers.  The building looks pretty old and I was curious so I did some sleuthing at the register of deeds.  It shows that the property was built in 1901 but also it doesn't show an actual deed being issued to anyone until 1924.   So either the building is 121 years old or the  building is at least 99 years old - either way, it's OLD! 

There are four front doors. The door on the far left and the far right are single person units with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  The two doors in center are identical apartments but mirror images of each.  You walk into an entry way with steps leading to the second floor.  And then each of these two apartments have three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.  No central living space.  And then the unit that Peter is in has a set of stairs that leads to the attic where there is another apartment with three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. And then in the basement there is a laundry room and another bedroom. (I am assuming there is also a kitchen and bathroom down there.)

It's a very interesting housing set up and it appears that the attic and basement apartments were added in the 1990's to accommodate as many units as possible and I'm assuming at that time large groups of friends (aka fraternities) most likely started renting it. 

We got his room set up and all of his stuff put away and left him to deal with the leasing company on an issue we found. And before we left on Tuesday he was on the phone with AT&T because he is responsible for setting up internet for the whole house. So not even a couple hours into apartment living and he was already dealing with some fun issues.  It's great experience though. Welcome to adulthood!


I'm praying that year #2 is awesome! Lots of studying, a little fun, and a few of visits home. :)


Madeline said...

For real though, waiting on the phone with AT&T definitely counts for some major adult points! I hope his year goes well for him and you can see him relatively soon!

Ernie said...

That apartment/house sounds super cool. Are his 11 friends living in the entire thing? Ed is living in a house and it is interesting the things he has to organize. When I was in college, my parents didn't allow any of us to live off campus. We lived in dorms all 4 years. My kids think that is hilarious. They wouldn't find it funny it I suggested it to them. I really didn't mind. I didn't have a car at school anyway, and I liked things uncomplicated.

Here's to a great sophomore year for Peter.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow! He's in a Frat house. After you get Sarah off to school, you and Dan sit down one night and watch Animal House. 😳😜
Kidding. Don't watch it!
I hope he has an amazing year to come!