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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

We partied like we're old.

This past weekend we celebrated our Birthiversary!  

On September 9th, we celebrated 21 years of wedded bliss. And by celebrated, I mean that Dan worked all day, I did laundry and made dinner,etc. and to end the night with a bang, we watched TV before bed.  YAWN.

We're old, what can I say? 

On Friday we went to the football game.  Sarah left at half time because she and some friends wanted to go watch the cross country meet at a nearby park. At the beginning of the third quarter, Dan looked over at me and said, "This is weird. We're here but neither one of our kids is here." But we didn't care.  We enjoy a good high school football game even though our team is once again not very good.  They are improving though so there's still hope!

On Saturday I was up bright and early to make sure Sarah got out the door in time for the ACT.  The one that was near here that she was signed up for got cancelled so she had to drive to Salisbury to take it. That made her even less excited about the whole thing.

But Dan and I invited her to join us for our anniversary dinner  so that put a little pep in her step, especially when we told her we were going to Hakka Chow!

Sarah and I split the spicy salmon rolls as an appetizer.  It was really yummy!

Dan turned 55 on September 12th.  FIFTY FIVE! I continue to be shocked that I am married to such and old man! And I turned FIFTY TWO on the 13th.  I continue to be shocked that I am such an old lady!

We went out to lunch with my mom, my brother, and my uncle and went back to mom's house afterwards for cake and presents.

And that was our wild and crazy Birthiversay Weekend!


Madeline said...

Happy birthday to you and Dad and Happy Anniversary too!!

Pat Birnie said...

Your title alone made me laugh! it is a weird feeling seeing that age number, yet still thinking you’re 30!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday AND anniversary!! Ha-at least y'all remembered it. I can't tell you how many times The Husband and I have looked at each other in horror as we realized several days later that we completely forgot about ours!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy Birthdaversary to you both. You are NOT old, so stop it!
Looks like a fun and low-key time....low key is the best.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!

Ernie said...

My sis in law just asked what we were going to do for Coach's 50th. I stared at her blankly. NOTHING? The guy doesn't even like presents.

Happy everything! Sounds like September can translate to lots of cake eating in your house. That's our December.

Coach and I rarely missed a varsity bball game in 2020 when we had no one on the team. Then covid hit and our team was AMAZING. Sports center (I think) even did a special highlighting high school teams or players that missed out on their season and our top player was featured. Reggie will play varsity this year. Super excited for that.