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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spring, football, a book, laughter through tears, and cake.

It's a cloudy dreary Tuesday morning here so I thought I'd start with some pictures of the daffodils we have growing in our yard:

This is pictorial proof that spring is almost here!  Yippeeeeeee!

And just to brighten things up even more:

Lovely yellow tulips from Trader Joe's to brighten the inside of my house.  Y'all know I love me some tulips. 

Since the last time I posted, Peter has had two more football games and sadly we lost both.  It is looking like we may not win any games this year.  It's very depressing for him as he has been looking forward to this season since November 2019.  

This past Friday was Senior Night.  I still have my mask on in this picture so I am hoping the professional picture is better.  At least I won't have my mask on in that one!

Have you guys gotten your copy of Be Bold in the Broken by Mary Lenaburg yet?  Mary is my blog friend from way back and this is her second book.  I'm excited to read it because I thoroughly enjoyed her first book, Be Brave in the Scared.

Saturday, I joined my Care Group for brunch.  It was bittersweet but much needed. It was the first time we have all been together since our Christmas dinner in December.  In that time, one of my dear friends lost her husband to Covid and another one has been battling breast cancer. You know the quote from Steele Magnolias about "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion?" Well, I'm not sure if it's my favorite emotion but it summed up our brunch on Saturday and on that day, laughter through tears is what we all needed.  


And it didn't hurt that we all enjoyed delicious crepes.  Here's a few pictures of the dessert crepes we enjoyed after our savory crepes.

I got the results of all my blood work back and it's all normal.  Which means my aches and pains in my joints are just normal old lady arthritis and my weight gain is not thyroid related just over-eating, under-exercising related.  I figured this was going to be the case and honestly, it's the best news.  I don't need any other conditions or issues.  I guess my aches and pains just come with the territory.

Although, one of my kind readers, Pat Birnie, commented that she could recommend things to help. Yes, Pat!  Please!  I would love to know what you have found that worked for you.  I tried to email you back from your comment but it was a "no reply" email address.  So comment away on this post with anything that you found helpful. I am willing to look into anything at this point! :)

And finally, look at this pretty cake.  I baked it and Sarah decorated it.  I think she did a great job - especially considering she did it all with a plain plastic baggie the the end cut off.


Billie Jo said...

So many emotions here, Beth!
Happy but sad senior football...
Getting together with your friends again but pain and suffering too.
Prayers and love.
You look fantastic, my dear friend.
Glad your bloodwork is good.
Hugs and love!
P.S. That cake!

Suz said...

I can't believe Peter is a senior!
So sorry about your friends who are suffering with health and losses. I agree though, laughter can take us away from all of that for at least a few minutes.
The cake is amazing!
I'm glad your bloodwork is all good; you get an A+

Gigi said...

Yay for good results with the bloodwork! I feel so sorry for the seniors - as they aren't getting to experience the "senior year."

Mari said...

I love your friend get together - and the laughter through the tears. The food looks amazing!
Sorry about the football games, but glad Peter is having fun.
Glad your bloodwork turned out ok and I hope you find some help for the pain. My RA is improving with meds, but some days it's no fun.
I'm so impressed with the cake!

Pat Birnie said...

Hi there - wow I feel famous with a blog mention lol. My email address is I don’t use this to comment as Wordpress always wants to link me to an old Wordpress blog from when my husband & I walked the Camino Santiago. So yes, we are very active —running walking for years. I started to have knee issues starting about 13 years ago. The supplement that I use is called Procosa. It’s very good quality and actually works! Not a cure buts it’s kept me active into my mid 60’s. If you want to try it you can email me to ensure you get the best price.

So sorry your sons football team isn’t looking too strong. Such a tough time for teens missing out on sports (& all the other activities that make those years so much fun) I’m envious of you Americans with your quick vaccine rollout; Canada has not done a good job at all - at 65 I may get mine in June, possibly May. Fingers crossed.