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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A football update.

 I wanted to do a football update post. When I last left you we had completed our senior night and it was a loss for us.  At that point, that was our third loss with no wins.  The professional picture came back and I wanted to post it here for posterity.

The Friday after senior night we had another home football game and we weren't expecting to win that one - except WE DID!  And the best part about this game was that Peter's friend Daniel was able to break the school's all-time rushing record and now holds that record.  To do that at home with a win made it even more special.

That takes us to last Friday night.  We had an away game and weren't expecting to win.  In fact, it was this school's senior night. You typically play a weak team on senior night to ensure a victory.  

Our boys were pumped up and we scored fairly early in the game.  Then the other team scored.  Then we scored again but they scored again right before halftime.

We managed to pull ahead in the 4th quarter but we left too much time on the clock.  The other team scored with less than a minute to go and we thought all hope was lost.  However, we managed to pass the ball, the receiver caught it and ran SEVENTY YARDS down the field to score with only 29 seconds left on the clock.


And the best part of all was that Peter (who unfortunately has not gotten a lot of playing time this year) was actually on the field for that last play.  Due to an injured player, Peter had to switch jerseys so he could play offensive line and was on the field for that last play.  It was such an exciting game and I am so very happy for our boys.  (Who am I kidding - I'm happy for the parents and the coaches too! It takes a lot out of everyone to always be the underdog so any win feels like a huge deal for everyone.)

Our second to the last game was supposed to be tomorrow night but because they are calling for severe thunderstorms, it's been moved to tonight.  We play one of the best teams in the conference tonight so we really have no hope of winning.  Several of our players are hurt from last week's game and there hasn't been a lot of time to heal between games so we are going in even more of an underdog.  My hope for tonight is that no one else gets injured and that we can make it out without too much of an uneven score.  Those lopsided games are very demoralizing but also, I guess they are character building as well.

Here are a couple of pictures from last week's game.

Before the game (Peter is #22)

During half time.

In the locker room after the game!  Notice Peter's in a different jersey.



Mari said...

Fun group pictures! I'm happy for the team to have those wins, records set and Peter playing!

Michelle said...

That’s so great! I’m so glad they got a couple of wins! All great senior memories.:)

Suz said...

Congrats on the wins! I'm sure the Friday Nights have just flown by.

Madeline said...

So happy to hear they got a win! Those boys look so happy. And that professional picture is great!!