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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The campaign has been kicked off and hopefully football season is about to start!

I mentioned a while back that Sarah has been nominated to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Student of the Year (SOY) competition.  Since the fall, he has been having meetings with her SOY advisers, assembling her team and holding team meetings, presenting to area businesses asking for donations, and in general working hard.

FINALLY - on Thursday evening her campaign kicked off! And of course, the kick-off celebration was a Zoom call. 


She has excitedly been watching donations start to come in.  She has set a very large goal for herself and her team.  We are trying to raise $40,000 in 7 weeks to fight blood cancers.  It's going to be hard to reach that goal but I'm hopeful that she can do it.  The great thing about LLS is that the money used for research to find cures for blood cancers are also being translated into cures for other types of cancers as well.  And since we all know someone who has been touched by some form of cancer, this campaign is for everyone. 

If you are interested in supporting Sarah in the fight to cure cancer, please use this link . It will take you to my fundraising page where you can make a secure donation online.  All donations are tax deductible.

In other news of things kicking off - football is set to start this week.  Peter was supposed to have a home game this Friday night but due to all the rain we've had (with more expected on Friday) they've moved the game to Thursday night and it's going to be played as an away game since our fields are too wet to play on.  

We are bummed out that we won't get to watch this first game in person but we are excited that they are having it.  We were worried that it was going to get rained out and subsequently cancelled with no chance to play it due to the shortened season and all the rules on regulations on how much you can play in a one week period.

I am hoping that the school that is hosting it will be showing the game online some where so that we can at least watch it.  

I went yesterday for my yearly eye exam and went to a new eye doctor!  He just so happens to be my good friend Wendy's husband and she just so happens to be the office manager. If you are local, check them out.  I can't wait to get my new frames in a couple of weeks! They had a huge selection of frames and were great at helping me (who is blind as a bat) select the perfect pair. 

We have sunshine today (praise the Lord!) and it's going to be 68 degrees so I am heading outside right now to get some natural Vitamin D!


Madeline said...

Oooh I am so jealous of your weather. Making NC look really attractive! I hope Football goes well even if you can't attend. Prayers for Sarah!

Ernie said...

Good luck to Sarah.

Hope the season, as different as it will be, is a memorable experience for Peter.

I usually wear contacts but when I can't I hate my ancient frames. It is not something I think about until I'm stuck wearing them. I need to get that done.

We are in AZ right now and the weather is amazing.